«Pensions, the quota method is wrong. On homophobia, I ask Zan to find agreements in Parliament »- Corriere.it

«Pensions, the quota method is wrong. On homophobia, I ask Zan to find agreements in Parliament »- Corriere.it
«Pensions, the quota method is wrong. On homophobia, I ask Zan to find agreements in Parliament »- Corriere.it

The secretary of the Democratic Party at Che tempo che fa speaks of pension reform (“the quota method is wrong”), Zan bill, early elections, coalition, MPS (“The Treasury did well, said no to a sale”)

«The basic problem is that the quota method is wrong. In my opinion, more than the theme of the Quota, the two things to do are flexibility according to the heavy work and then give an important message to women with a female option “. To state this, during the episode of What’s the weather like, was the secretary of the Democratic Party, Enrico Letta.

Even the leader of the Democratic Party therefore does not hide his perplexities in the face of a reform – that of pensions – that the government led by Mario Draghi announced last week, with a scheme based on the “closure” of Quota 100 and the launch of two intermediate “quotas”, “Quota 102” and “Quota 104”.

The quota system is strongly supported by the League; the executive rejected Matteo Salvini’s proposal to apply Quota 102 for two years (because it would create a staircase); instead, a mechanism with a fixed exit age of 64 until 2024 and increasing contributions is being worked on.

Letta – fresh from the clear success in the administrative offices, which handed over the leadership of Rome, Milan, Naples, Bologna and Turin to the Democratic Party – explained that the temptation to think of early elections “could exist, given that we are 12% in Parliament. The temptation would be, but at this moment we must keep the bar straight to get out of the pandemic ».

On economic issues, Letta advocated a reduction in taxes on labor “to raise wages”. «Lowering taxes on labor means raising wages, being able to pay higher wages. At the same time, the citizenship income must be reformed, which must remain as a fight against poverty ”.

Letta – who returned to Parliament after winning the supplementary school in Siena – also addressed the issue of the bank of reference for his college, the Monte dei Paschi di Siena, returned in these hours to be talked about after the halt to the negotiations between the Ministry of the Treasury (which found itself, after having avoided its default, to be the majority shareholder) and Unicredit. «UniCredit thought it was participating in a sale», Letta said, «the Minister of the Treasury, on the other hand, was correct, he had made a commitment to enhancement. I am convinced that there will be other options ».

The leader of the Democratic Party also addressed the issue of ddl Zan against homophobia. “I have been very strict in recent months, and this has allowed us to get to the Senate. In these days I will ask Alessandro Zan, the father of this law, to make aexploration with other political forces to try to understand the conditions that can lead to a rapid approval of the text. Any changes? As long as they are not fundamental, substantial things: but I trust Zan ».

As for the future of the government, after reiterating that we must “continue with a government that is doing well”, Letta said he cannot imagine “that our country, after the Draghi government, will generate a Salvini-Meloni-led government. Not because I am angry with them, but because their two equals are linked in Europe to the many pro-Europeans, ”added Letta. “The idea that Italy gives itself into the hands of a government led by Meloni and Salvini should push all the pro-European, reformist and progressive forces to put aside vetoes and get together for the good of the country”, added Letta .

As for the Quirinale, Letta rejected any discussion: “Let’s talk about it after Christmas,” he said, “now we face more concrete problems.”

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