No Green pass. The merchants’ wrath: “Let us work”

No Green pass. The merchants’ wrath: “Let us work”
No Green pass. The merchants’ wrath: “Let us work”

The traffic goes crazy in the heart of the city at 6.30 pm, on the corner of via Senato and corso Venezia, when the procession of over 7,000 “No green pass”, from piazza San Babila tries to reach the “usual” destination of piazzale Loreto. The police then impose a turnaround on the cars coming from the ramparts and heading towards the center, to make them return to piazzale Oberdan; the men of the mobile department are lined up to prevent the demonstrators, shouting “People like us never give up!”, from reaching via Turati or in any case Piazza della Repubblica and then perhaps groped to divert towards the Central station.

Despite the presence of the anarchists (few and ineffective after the searches on Friday in the Varese area) and that of a dozen activists of the Varese Nazi-Fascist group “Do.Ra” – the community of the Twelve Rays, who pulled out of the procession shortly after the start of the demonstration – despite the former brigadier Paolo Maurizio Ferrari at the head of the procession holding the opening banner, the fourteenth consecutive Saturday of the No green pass procession under the Madonnina for the first time languishes, but only from an ideological point of view. The mass, always headless and chaotic, always reaches important numbers. And if this time he does not see any particular component or matrix prevailing, he shows no sign of suspending the inconclusive running around the city, keeping the police and carabinieri busy.

To pay the price is first of all the traffic, which goes completely haywire. After starting shortly after 5pm from piazza Fontana, the procession reaches via San Clemente and stops immediately, then parades along via Larga, piazza Missori, via Mazzini, stops again in largo Borges to reach, with all due respect to its participants, piazza Duomo, skilfully dribbling the timid attempt of a small group of demonstrators to take via Orefici to reach piazza Cordusio and via Dante.

“Trieste calls, Milan responds”, “If it does not change, we will block the city”, “Hands off work” shout the demonstrators who, having taken Corso Vittorio Emanuele, once they reach Piazza San Babila, swiftly move towards what now represents a little ‘a classic of their usual route, that is, slipping into corso Venezia and heading straight towards piazzale Oberdan (also because the police, deployed in riot gear at the corner with via Senato, would not let even a fly pass).

After the impasse created by the traffic, the procession, praising the assistant commissioner Nunzia Schilirò, reaches Piazzale Loreto at around 8 pm and there it splits up. There are those who stay there, but the overwhelming majority of the demonstrators, who did not hesitate to block a journalist from Tg5 preventing him from making the direct, set off towards Viale Abruzzi, invading all three carriageways in the direction of the city center. Protesters walk among the jammed cars in traffic that continues to grow with each passing minute. Reached piazza Ascoli and piazzale Dateo, the crowd sets off along viale Piceno then reaches piazza Cinque Giorni, goes up towards the center and the police forcefully blocks them in via Filippo Corridoni, forcing them to go back. It is 9.30 pm when the procession reaches the headquarters of the CGIL in Corso di Porta Vittoria and presses against the cordon of policemen to protect the court as well. At 10 pm he returns and stops in the Duomo, where people begin to dance and then calm down and slowly dissolve the demonstration in an armored square.

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