“We have not conceded anything to Juventus, they are two points dropped. Penalty? The referee was two meters away, it was the only way we could concede a goal.”

Simone Inzaghi was interviewed by Dazn after the Italian derby. The words of the Nerazzurri coach:

Is there so much anger over the decision to review the penalty episode at the VAR?
“I think so. It was the only way we could have conceded goals. We are sorry because we led the match from start to finish, we didn’t concede anything to Juventus, they are two points thrown away that I don’t like. L ‘referee is there at 2 meters, he sees, says that everything is fine and then he is called back … We are sorry for our fans and for the performance of the team that was very good against an opponent of great value where we would have deserved Moreover”.

Was Inter a little crushed by Juventus in the second half?
“No, I didn’t have this impression. Quite the contrary. We never went into trouble, we managed the game very well, then it is normal that 6 against 1 at 89 ‘we had to pay more attention. But I see the referee. at a meter and a half that says everything ok, then there was that gesture of annoyance definitely not nice to see, but a match like this … In my opinion, however, we did very very well “.

Did he leave a bit of the pitch voluntarily at Juventus in the second half and then start again?
“Yes, definitely. The first half we pressed across the board and struggled, then we knew that Juventus had the opportunity to include Chiesa and Dybala, very dangerous players. We were more compact and slightly shorter, but we conceded little or nothing to a very very strong team “.

Have you been working on preventive markings in the last week?
“We have been good. We have not conceded anything to a team with great starts. We prepared the game in that way, but the credit goes to the whole team that helped and defended. The only flaw is the result that penalizes us. decidedly”.

Perisic was having a great game, how come he replaced him?
“At the end of the first half he was on the massage table because he had a problem with his flexor, he was a little sore. He signaled to me that there was no problem at all, but then he took the warning, he entered the church a little from the end … I think that a 7 against 1, you take a penalty in the 90 ‘without having conceded anything … “.

Dumfries also had the time to better evaluate.
“I think so because we were in numerical superiority near the ball. As a coach at 89 ‘you see the referee at 2 meters that everything is fine, it is normal that you can get angry for a moment like I did”.

Tell us about the expulsion.
“Probably he was told. I was making the change of Vecino, I wanted to change, after a minute and a half I saw the penalty assigned … The expulsion is there, I was wrong as the referee did 2 meters wrong to say that everything was regular “.

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