“Mietta doesn’t want to get vaccinated? Stay home” – Il Tempo

“Mietta doesn’t want to get vaccinated? Stay home” – Il Tempo
“Mietta doesn’t want to get vaccinated? Stay home” – Il Tempo

Giada Oricchio

October 24, 2021

The Coronavirus infects Rai and causes the Mietta case, the competitor of “Dancing with the Stars“tested positive at Covid 19 and now in solitary confinement. The case explodes during the episode of Saturday 23 October when the host Milly Carlucci announces that the singer will not be able to perform while her teacher Maykel Fonts is negative for the virus. What will happen to the couple’s competition doesn’t give a damn until the connection with the sick singer and at home is aired. Judge Selvaggia Lucarelli nails her: “I hope that contestants and dancers are all vaccinated”Thunders the blogger who plays the role of judge in the Carlucci program. The presenter responds suspiciously: “We are all vaccinated, however, we should …”. “I hope Mietta and Maykel too…” Lucarelli retorts. And the silence in the studio becomes deafening while the terror of the Rai production is perceived from home and Carlucci tries to close the question and answer: “I think so and anyway …” but the juror does not give up: “But they don’t answer, this silence it worries me… “. At the end of the case, after the episode, the Codacons also intervenes, talking about the violation of privacy against Mietta.

The audience splits and Selvaggia Lucarelli is overwhelmed by the controversy while forcefully rejects the accusations that rain down on her: “I just asked a question and no one insisted” he underlines while the Codacons defends the work of Rai, confirms that the cast of dancers vip is almost all vaccinated and explains: through Guillermo Mariotto, Mietta has made it known that she did not get the vaccine due to vague health problems which in any case do not prevent her from dancing and participating in a very demanding program from a physical and psychological point of view “.

In a video on social media, however, the lunge of Lucarelli ended up under accusation: “The crux of the matter – he underlines – is that Dancing is a program of great physical and choral contact, if one does not get vaccinated because he is no vax or has problems like it seems in the case of Mietta, he must stay at home, he must not participate. You do not go to expose frail or elderly people to serious and serious risks. And you expose a whole production to great risk. That Mietta does not get vaccinated for health problems, which are a great horse of the no vax, but let’s pretend that we believe it, or because of ideology, nothing changes. In this situation it is better that you stay at home ”.

Already during the episode, Lucarelli had explained her point of view: “We are all here, you have physical contacts, it is not a program like the others, we touch each other, we sweat, we are all together, I want to hope that they are all vaccinated because those who are not can put everyone’s health at risk, last year there was no vaccine and this year there is. I hope that this program will be made with a great sense of responsibility ”,“ Nobody wants to jeopardize anyone’s health ”, the singer of“ Trottolino amoroso ”replies sufficiently and above all in a misleading way.

Meanwhile, on social media, viewers are divided into who condemns her for the bad example and who (a small minority) defends her because she is the object of public pillory (health data are covered by privacy, but in fact Lucarelli has not revealed anything, ed). However, many also put Rai on the index wondering how it could have allowed an unvaccinated competitor (and there would be another one) to participate in the program with the inevitable dramatic consequences, both in terms of health and work, in the event of positivity. A message that the public service cannot and must not get across. The same journalist also posted a photo on her Instagram: “This is the makeup artist’s station where I saw her briefcase made tonight (the result of a competitor’s molecular arrived), and then went home. For a person who takes Covid here, the professional dancer, make-up artist, hairdresser and anyone who has had close contacts go home. Sorry to see people happy to work going home. It happens, at least let’s try to prevent it by vaccinating ourselves “.

No clarification from Mietta as well as from Milly Carlucci, who had also promised it, from the production of “Ballando” and from Rai. In the midst of the controversy Codacons intervened. The consumer protection association denounced a very serious violation of privacy “which triggered a witch hunt on the web and social networks to the detriment of Mietta and which leads us today to ask for urgent intervention from the Rai top management”. The statement reads: “We have always been in favor of vaccination but just as we contest the excesses and no vax violence, in the same way we must stigmatize the aggressive behavior of those who, on live TV, launched an inquisition to find out if competitors and dancers had undergone the vaccine “.

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