Squid game: Aldo Grasso’s review of the cult series

Squid game: Aldo Grasso’s review of the cult series
Squid game: Aldo Grasso’s review of the cult series

Type: Dramatic, mystery
Regia at Hwang Dong-hyuk. Con Lee Jung-jae, Jung Ho-yeon, Wi Ha-joon, Park Hae-soo. Su Netflix

The cult series of the moment comes from South Korea, a new frontier of the global imagination. Squid game it attracts with its playful mechanism in which the theme of the game is a trigger and a narrative model at the same time.

Seong Gi-hun (Lee Jung-jae), a divorced man in debt, is approached by a mysterious businessman who offers him to participate in a series of old children’s games in exchange for the promise of a solid cash win.

Locked up in an unknown place along with 456 other people with the same problems, discovers an environment made of violence and surveillance.

In the first game, a version of “One, two, three, star”, many of Gi-hun’s companions fall under the blows of red-clad guards led by a leader. Over the course of the episodes, we witness a crescendo of tension and the birth of alliances among the persecuted, in an oscillating vortex of collective choices and individual impulses.

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Like in the movie Parasite, this Korean series also updates contemporary themes of societies we don’t want to live in, in a critique of the culture of unbridled entertainment and the socio-economic inequalities between the affluent and the most deprived populations.
For those who love dystopian universes and narratives that recall the videogame world.



Squid game Aldo Grassos review cult series

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