Casa vista Fori at 20 euros a month, two-room apartment in Piazza Navona at 13: the rents of the municipality of Rome

Apartments occupied by clans, prestigious homes rented for a few pennies and illegality tolerated. The rental situation of public housing in Rome is a melting pot of irregularities, a dispersed real estate patrimony that of the Campidoglio from which there are also arrears who declare 182 thousand euros.

Via dei Fienili will not say much to most people, perhaps not even to many Romans, but it is a street that directly overlooks the Colosseum Archaeological Park. At number 60 the Municipality of Rome owns two apartments, one of which lives a lady elderly, disabled, who has always agreed on a very low rent, deemed adequate to her health condition: just over 20 euros per month. For years the officials of the Municipality have been trying to convince her to move to another more peripheral accommodation by remedying the management error of the municipal building from which you have a spectacular view of the Forums.

If the Municipality rented that apartment at a market price, it would not collect less than 1,400-1,500 euros per month and the Housing Policies Department would certainly be able to help more people. However, every proposal has always been rejected to the sender. “I’ve always lived here and I’m not leaving here” says the lady and the tenant on the ground floor, she too with a subsidized rent echoes her: “If she managed to stay I don’t see why I should leave”.

It is well known that the Capitoline administration is unable to treasure its real estate assets. The main problem, as well as due to management like these, it is also the situation of the register of tenants and properties that is not updated. The Municipality is thus unable to establish with certainty who lives in a particular accommodation. Those who should leave an apartment, without checks, continue to occupy it as those who should pay the agreed rent simply do not.

Like this the receivables of the Municipality as at 31 August last amounted to over one billion euros. Among the defaulters there are people able to pay, such as the lady who in the last tax return reported income for 182 thousand euros and despite everything, opened a dispute with Ater (Territorial Company for Public Residential Construction of the Municipality of Rome) for unpaid rents that reach the stratospheric sum of 113 thousand euros.

Or like the gentleman who with a income of 98 thousand euros per year, has a debt with Ater of 237 thousand euros, in practice he never paid an installment. Sums that the company still thinks it can collect and that last September included in a special recovery plan for arrears. Yet another plan developed over the years which should lead to revenues of 330 thousand euros. A lot of money but not as much as the Municipality of Rome now considers lost, almost half a billion.

Entire chapter should be devoted to those who occupy public housing but no longer have the rightor, for example, because they have exceeded the income threshold provided for by the municipal regulation. There is who it is hotel owner in Capri or who owns a supermarket chain in Sicily which should not have the right to a public housing.

But even in cases where the Ater or the Municipality manage to return to the availability of the property, a new assignment is not carried out. This he understood well Roman mafia who systematically takes advantage of it. In the southern district of Spinaceto, precisely in via Salvatore Lorizzo, it is Romolo Casamonica who decides which apartments to occupy. Last week, the agents of the Local Police freed a dozen houses, one of which was occupied by his partner and another by a girl in her seventh month of pregnancy.

“The number of apartments we have found occupied by pregnant women is incredible”, say from Ater. The system developed by Spade, Casamonica e Bevilacqua predicts that after finding empty social housing, they break down the door at night and put a pregnant woman or an elderly couple inside, more difficult to evacuate.

The situation sees over 13,000 people on the waiting list and at the same time many empty apartments and houses to be assigned. A bad management symbolized by the eviction of last September 17, when they were stolen from the men of the Moccia clan in the so-called Tower of Legality in Tor Bella Monaca, several houses that still remain empty and awaiting assignment.

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