Government, ready to bring a giant to Italy: this is what is happening

Government, ready to bring a giant to Italy: this is what is happening
Government, ready to bring a giant to Italy: this is what is happening

The Italian government appears to be in talks to bring a microchip giant to the country. Let’s see who it is and what could happen.

Mario Draghi, government (GettyImages)

As we all know, technology is increasingly a constant in our life. The devices are more and more performers, fast and intuitive. To make them you need all the components that allow their correct functioning. With the pandemic, there was a very serious problem regarding the components.

All sectors have suffered from these shortcomings, from smartphones to PCs to video game consoles. Precisely in this case, as reported by Reuters, the Italian government seems to be in talks with a microchip giant. The name is that of Intel and the deal would be to bring one production chain in Italy.

Despite the confidentiality requested by the Minister of Economic Development, Giancarlo Giorgetti, news has come out about it. These were reported by the British news agency which reported some direct sources.

Intel, the great attempt by the Italian government

Intel’s goal, as stated by CEO Pat Gelsinger, is a maxi investment in Europe. We talk about 80 billion euros to spend for the next decade. This is why Italy is trying a great deal. The same Draghi confirmed that the time has come to act so as not to detach too much from China e United States.

The source at Reuters talked about a potential investment from 4 billion euros. A figure that could reach 8 billion, following Intel’s plan. The Government would be ready to participate in the investment with public money in addition to favorable conditions. The possible entry of Intel in Italy would guarantee many jobs and it would seem, according to the sources, to be there willingness to close within the year.

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The activity would concern the plant of “advanced packaging“. so as to create the final products. In this area, Intel has already invested $ 3.5 billion in New Mexico. But Italy is not the only one in this race, it must pay attention to Poland which already houses such a plant. The source, however, ensures that Italy has good cards to play even for a research Center. We will see, the eventual arrival of Intel in Italy could bring new life to the country.

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