Italy after the vote: the polls that worry the left

Italy after the vote: the polls that worry the left
Italy after the vote: the polls that worry the left

The national political framework begins to undergo some small changes in the light of the results of the local elections. The weight relations between the parties are slightly changing, but substantially it remains an unequivocal factual reality: according to the latest surveys, at present the center right continues to represent the coalition in which Italians have the greatest confidence. This goes beyond the actual calibration of the individual political forces which have become protagonists of some changes, but which have not given rise to who knows what revolution on the national front.

The latest polls

To provide the latest findings was the pollster Alessandra Ghisleri on The print, who spoke about the balance of the main parties and how the scenario has changed at the national level. The survey in question confirms a trend that had emerged close to the administrative elections, when the ban on disclosure of the surveys was in force. At the head is the Democratic Party, which undoubtedly comes out strengthened by the local vote. Enrico Letta’s party is at 19.5%, closely followed by Brothers of Italy with 19.2% of preferences. Both static with only + 0.1% compared to the previous public survey.

Following are the two parties that have paid the most in recent days: the League di Matteo Salvini is in third place with 17.6%, followed by the 5 Star Movement of Giuseppe Conte at 16.2%. Both with almost a percentage point of difference in one month. Instead it grows Come on Italy 0.8% which, thanks also to Silvio Berlusconi’s return to the field, stands at 8.1%. Finally, the action of Carlo Calenda earns 0.7% and reaches 4.5%, thanks to the excellent result achieved in the elections in Rome.

The center-right can boast about 45% of the preferences of the Italians, but to this should be added the other lists (such as the UDC) that historically support the coalition. On the other hand, the center left (Pd and M5S) stops at 35.7%. There are almost 10 percentage points of difference between the two fronts. A heavy gap, but it must be considered that the parties outside the center-right and center-left coalitions are in a range between 8% and 10% (Action 4.5%, Italia Viva 2%, + Europe 1.2 %, Green Europe 2.1%). Without forgetting the large pool of undecided and abstentions.

Trust in the government

The government continues to have a good confidence index (47.4%). Same goes for the premier Mario Draghi (54.2%), which however is the protagonist of a slight decline of almost 2 percentage points compared to early September. The Italians ask the Prime Minister to deal with all those unresolved or aggravated issues by the pandemic: work and economic well-being (30.1%), the health emergency (19.1%) in decline, taxes (14, 7%), high cost of living (11.2%), environmental care (8.8%), services for families (6.0%) and respect for civil rights (5.6%) ).


Italy vote polls worry left

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