The big flop of 5S income: the 423 who work cost us 400 thousand euros each

The big flop of 5S income: the 423 who work cost us 400 thousand euros each
The big flop of 5S income: the 423 who work cost us 400 thousand euros each

The only poverty that so far the Basic income helped to abolish is that of the navigators who resist. Interviewed by the newspaper Free, Carlo Bonomi it says it very clearly: “The numbers tell us that the citizenship income is not working“. The president of Confindustria does not mince words to label the measure as a failure across the board. The citizenship income so dear to the Grillini does not work”for the part of the fight against poverty, which it is right that there is, because it is not intercepting the incompetent of the north and strongly discourages hiring in the south“. But it doesn’t even work.”for the part of active labor policies: with the navigators there were 423 hired, but in the three-year period 2019-2021 516 million were allocated. It means that each cost us 400 thousand euros a year“.

To date, as stated in Libero, “the measure cost the state coffers € 16.7 billion: 3.9 in 2019, 7.1 in 2020 and 5.7 in 2021“All money that had no effect on the occupation. Also, with the new one budget law, the government is ready to allocate an additional billion to finance the citizenship income but without any changes to it for its improvement. Instead of working on improving the grillina measure, the government with Andrea Orlando is preparing another one, the Employability guarantee for workers, indicated by the acronym Gol. This is a project that over the next three years should receive an additional 5 billion euros to be dedicated to active employment policies. Basically, Gol would cover the part for which navigators have been paid for years.

The fact that we are thinking of putting an additional billion on citizenship income without reforming it first means that we continue to waste public money“, says Carlo Bonomi again. But if the Gol project leaves the port, what will happen to the 2,800 navigators who have been paid for 3 years to find work? They should have found employment for 800 thousand unemployed but of these only 423 have been placed. Many of the navigators hired three years ago decided to leave their jobs, which was in effect a contradiction. They were precarious workers committed to finding a permanent job for other people, who could now find themselves, at least in part, passing through. on the other side of the fence.


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