“Blame the fire hydrants, Covid is a scam. I leave the vaccine to hypochondriacs “

“Blame the fire hydrants, Covid is a scam. I leave the vaccine to hypochondriacs “
“Blame the fire hydrants, Covid is a scam. I leave the vaccine to hypochondriacs “

Fabio Tuiach, former municipal councilor of Trieste in Lega share (and subsequently with Forza Nuova) and among the protagonists of the protest of the no Green pass dockers, tested positive at Covid. The news arrived today and it was he himself who announced it on his Facebook profile. For Fabio Tuiach, the blame for the infection would be attributed to the fire hydrants used by the police to free the garrison of the demonstrators at the port.

“Positive because of the fire hydrants”

“A few days ago I was in front of the fire hydrants and I was out wet all day. I believe that with the temperature of Trieste at the end of October it is impossible not to catch a disease in these cases and in fact I was immediately positive for the pharmacy swab after the fever and tomorrow there is the official one “, wrote the former city councilor and former boxer.

“Covid doesn’t exist, it’s a scam”

“For me, Covid exists only in the minds of hypnotized people but equally I am taking anti-inflammatory drugs and vitamins and I leave the experimental vaccine to Godless hypochondriacs – added Tuiach – COVID is a scam but with Tachipirina and waiting for someone it can end up in the hospital but whoever made the magic serum will always defend it even in the face of evidence. I finally got this terrible flu, damn what fear. “

Coordination no Green pass Trieste: no division

«There is no division, only a diversification, we hope temporary, of the routes, the result of the tumultuous events that took place at the port. We continue the battle that began using the same methods: a citizen assembly of vaccinated and non-vaccinated people, a movement from below that has also made itself heard by touching relevant economic interests, as well as with enormous marches ». This was stated in a note by the Coordinamento No Green Pass Trieste, speaking of the union of the protest and underlining that it is a “non-party movement” and that it is “unable to take any responsibility or give further suggestions” in the face of the cancellation of the two demonstrations in Trieste. “We are not able to answer on why the 15 October Coordination was formed – reads the note – or why it includes Giacomini, who lives in Veneto and is a former candidate of the far-right party Casapound, or Perga ». The Coordination defines itself as “a local movement, open to all that joins in absolute opposition to the Green pass and the obligation to vaccinate and refuses to be given a political hat”, no connection “either with the extreme right or with the various Tuiach, Pappalardo, Montesano, Paragone ». Furthermore, “Ugo Rossi as elected municipal, or 3v as a party, are not part of the coordination assemblies.” “We are sorry – concludes the note – that the spark we had helped to create is under heavy suffocation”: “the fight will still be tough, but we continue united and in solidarity”.


Blame fire hydrants Covid scam leave vaccine hypochondriacs

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