“Medicane”, the “Mediterranean Hurricane” is coming. It will hit the southern regions

“Medicane”, the “Mediterranean Hurricane” is coming. It will hit the southern regions
“Medicane”, the “Mediterranean Hurricane” is coming. It will hit the southern regions

A Medicane is coming (literally “Mediterranean Hurricane”). This is the main confirmation that emerges from the latest updates of theMeteo.it official APP: the risk is that of aintense wave of bad weather, even alluvial, which it could particularly affect the extreme southern sectors of our country.


After a Sunday already very agitated on the meteorological front our attention will focus on the day of Monday 25 when you get to the heart of the bad weather since the cyclonic vortex it will evolve into a dangerous Medicane unleashing all its strength with the currents that will begin to rotate counterclockwise around the minimum depression. This term comes from the fusion of English words MEDIterranean hurriCANE , literally “Mediterranean hurricane“as for the physical characteristics of the atmospheric structure it recalls the” monsters “that form on the oceans.

Mostly in the South

Keep your eyes on thefar South e, particularly, on the Calabria and on central-eastern sectors of Sicily, where we do not exclude the risk from storms e flash floods which could be caused by the persistence of precipitation. According to the latest updates the provinces most at risk will be those of: Catania, Messina, Reggio Calabria, Vibo Valentia, Crotone and Catanzaro where locally it could fall up to over 4/500 l / m2 of rain in a very short time, ie the equivalent of the expected rainfall in over 4 months.

From Tuesday 26 the storm will move its motor center down the Tyrrhenian Sea: bad weather could therefore also affect part of the Campania, the Basilicata and, subsequently, involve the lower Lazio andAbruzzo with heavy rain showers and intense winds along the most exposed coasts. Furthermore, the rains can even extend to the Adriatic coasts of the Northeast.

A completely different speech instead on the rest of Italy where, thanks to a comeback in high pressure style, we expect greater atmospheric stability with lots of sole and especially, temperatures well above average reference climatic conditions, especially during the central hours of the day.
There is no good news even for the following days with heavy rains that will continue to affect the Ionian Calabria.

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Medicane Mediterranean Hurricane coming hit southern regions

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