Covid at Villa Sofia, chaos in the emergency room

A positive swab and the Villa Sofia emergency room goes haywire. A patient found positive at Covid and the closed and sanitized garrison are causing inconvenience. The patient was isolated in the gray area, waiting to be transferred to the ‘Brain’. The forecourt of the emergency area was full of ambulances and there were moments of excitement before the emergency vehicles were diverted elsewhere, now it is empty (photo). But it was a busy weekend for almost all the emergency rooms in Palermo, with crowds and problems.

Full emergency room

Looking at the overcrowding rates at ten in the evening, we understand that the long day is not over yet. In the emergency room of the Civic hospital the overcrowding index is 236 percent, in the emergency room of the general hospital 152 percent. At ‘Buccheri La Ferla’, in the emergency area, the overcrowding index is 342 percent. The ‘Ingrassia’ hospital is also in great suffering.

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