Volleyball, Supercoppa, the triumph of Trento with blue traction

Volleyball, Supercoppa, the triumph of Trento with blue traction
Volleyball, Supercoppa, the triumph of Trento with blue traction

Itas, with 4 Italian national teams, also overwhelms Monza and wins the first seasonal trophy

by our correspondent Gian Luca Pasini

October 24
– Civitanova (Macerata)

Trento-Monza 3-1 (25-11, 25-21, 31-33, 25-14)

And after 3 years of abundant abstinence (almost 1000 days), the time for Trento is back. The last success was that of the Cev Cup, now instead an Italian Super Cup that shines like never before. Especially at the beginning of this season when it seemed that the club that passed the baton from Diego Mosna (historic president) to Bruno Da Re, seemed to be taking a step back. Instead, the club, trained in the last 6 seasons by Angelo Lorenzetti, puts the seal on a great event, with a futuristic and above all very blue team, with 4 of the veterans of the European campaign from Italy and three great protagonists on the field.

Youth and history

This is the Coppa of Alessandro Michieletto, of Daniele Lavia (in the new role), of Ricky Sbertoli. But also of top-level champions like Matey Kaziyski who returned to be captain and who was already there in 2008 when all this began by winning the first championship of this club. There is still today (as captain and great protagonist), together with the pair of Serbian power plants, Lisinac and Podrascanin, among the strongest in the world and a top level free Zenger. The company’s 19th trophy comes at the end of a one-way match. Just as he had dominated the semifinal so Trento dominates the final outclassing the Vero Volley Monza which in the first set just fails to enter the game. He does it starting from the second fraction, he opposes Grozer and Dzavoronok as he can. And in the third set, after having canceled two match balls, he manages to win a set in a stubborn and deserved way. But in the fourth Trento re-establishes the distance and takes the trophy home. Itas today is still superior to Eccheli’s team. Monza has the merit of having reached the final (the first in Italy, the second in its history after the Cup) and this is a great step. Meanwhile, Italian volleyball can boast of having found two top-level squares to add to the other “capitals” that have won in recent years …

24 October – 18:11



Volleyball Supercoppa triumph Trento blue traction

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