Covid, new infections: the situation in Brescia and in Italy

Covid, new infections: the situation in Brescia and in Italy
Covid, new infections: the situation in Brescia and in Italy

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I am 393 the new coronavirus positives in Lombardy in the last 24 hours, compared to 94,483 swabs carried out, out of a total of 16,752,923 carried out since the beginning of the emergency. In other words, this is a figure absolutely in line with that of the last week: yesterday, for example, there were 390 new cases, confirming the fact that the trend in infections is absolutely stable and fortunately on very low values.

In Brescia there are 42 new infected compared to yesterday.

Instead, I am 4 deaths registered in our Region from the latest bulletin of the Ministry of Health (yesterday there were two 2), thus bringing the total number of victims in the region to 34,141. Currently, 276 people are hospitalized with symptoms in the region, 48 of whom are in intensive care, while in home isolation there are 8,151 subjects.

The currently positives in total are 8,475 (+192).

In Italy

Looking at the national picture, according to the data released by the ministry, the people currently positive about Covid in Italy are 74.775. Particularly, 3,725 new cases have emerged in the last 24 hours, when yesterday there were 3,908: a slight decline that reconfirms the picture of substantial stability for the rest of the Bel Paese as well. Finally, there are 24 victims in one day (yesterday 39).

Moreover, the data emerges from a total of 403,715 molecular and antigenic swabs performed in the last 24 hours in Italy. Yesterday there were 491,574. Consequently the the rate of positivity shows a very slight increase: today it is equal to 0,9%, when yesterday was of 0,8%.

The reduced pressure on health facilities also confirms the trend of recent days. The discharged and healed are still increasing: 2,940 more than yesterday. On the other hand, 341 patients hospitalized in intensive care for Covid in Italy amount to, 3 more than yesterday. The daily entries in the ordinary departments are 18 (yesterday 20).

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