Weather warnings on Sicily and Calabria, schools closed in various provinces

Cars overwhelmed by mud in Scordia: fear for an elderly couple – Huge damage due to bad weather that hit eastern Sicily. In particular in Scordia, in the Catanese area, several cars were dragged away by the fury of the water that transformed the streets into flooding rivers. The Fire Brigade rescued several motorists blocked by a flood of water and mud. Moments of fear for an elderly couple who were missing. Their car had been overwhelmed by the river of mud but they were found in fair condition by the firefighters. The husband was tracked first and then the wife. The two were taken in an ambulance to the hospital for medical checks. Almost 150 mm of rain fell in the area, an amount that is usually recorded over a few months.

Civil protection: “It’s red alert” – “There is a very strong disturbance in Sicily – says Salvatore Cocina, director of regional civil protection – a storm cell that has already hit Pantelleria and is preparing to reach the areas of Agrigento and Nisseno. Another one. storm cell has already discharged a large amount of rain between Palagonia, Scordia, Militello, Francofonte, causing landslides and flooding and damage to property but fortunately without any injuries. Another cell invests the area of ​​Giarre. The situation is evolving and we expect further phenomena. We are on red alert and over one hundred municipal operational centers are open which are monitoring the situation “.

Red alert in Catania, damage and closed schools – Numerous inconveniences due to bad weather in Sicily, especially in the eastern area, with the Civil Protection having raised the alert level from orange to red. The mayor of Catania Salvo Pogliese has ordered the closure of public and private schools of all levels in the city for Monday 25 October and with immediate effect of the municipal parks and cemeteries. Many calls to the Operations Room of the Fire Brigade of the Provincial Command of Catania due to rain and strong wind. Most of the rescue interventions concern trees and downed poles, detachment of plaster, unsafe cornices and water infiltrations. The areas most affected are those south of the Etna capital.

Closed schools in Syracuse, Catania and Sciacca – Boys and children at home also in Syracuse. The mayor Francesco Italia, with an ordinance, ordered the closure of all schools “in agreement with the mayors of the province and with a union ordinance linked to the adverse weather conditions foreseen in these hours, so it is necessary to check the viability of the institutes. before making them usable again “. Even in Catania, schools will remain closed, as announced by the mayor, Salvo Pogliese. “The impossibility of predicting exactly the time and moment in which the peak of the violent phenomena announced will occur requires all of us the utmost caution, for the good of our boys and girls, school workers and the entire teaching staff” explains the mayor of Catania on his social page. “The closure will make – adds Pogliese – the traffic more manageable and will allow the Civil Protection to intervene also in a preventive function, on the territory and precisely with the monitoring of the school buildings most at risk”. Even the mayor of Sciacca, in the Agrigento area, Francesca Valenti, has ordered the closure of the schools of the municipality.

Enna and Messina prepare for the rain wave – Schools also closed in Enna. The provision of the mayor Maurizio Di Pietro, which concerns all schools of all levels in the municipal area, was taken on the recommendation of the Municipal Operations Center. “The decision on a prudential basis – reads a note from the mayor – considering that the weather situation is constantly evolving”. Same decision also in Messina and in 27 municipalities of the Ionian area and some centers of the Tyrrhenian area such as Barcellona pozzo di Gotto. The suspension of teaching activities in all the Departments of the University of Messina has also been ordered.

Red weather alert in Reggio Calabria – Bad weather alert code red in Reggio Calabria and then the mayor Giuseppe Falcomatà ordered the closure of the schools. Following the new “warning message for possible heavy rainfall”, issued by the regional operations room of the Regional Civil Protection of Calabria, which provides for a red code alert level until midnight on Monday 25 October, the mayor Giuseppe Falcomatà – communicates in a note from the municipal administration – has signed an ordinance that provides for “the closure of all schools of all types and levels in the city”.

Closed schools and sports facilities in Catanzaro – Red weather alert also in Catanzaro: schools and sports facilities closed. Following the diffusion of the red level weather alert bulletin, issued by the Regional Civil Protection for the whole day of Monday, given “the maximum level of criticism”, the mayor of Catanzaro Sergio Abramo ordered “the closure of all schools of all types and levels – including public and private educational services for children and preschools, public and private nurseries and playrooms, school and extracurricular activities – and sports facilities in the city “.

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