nine for apologia for fascism

nine for apologia for fascism
nine for apologia for fascism

The police report on yesterday’s No Green pass demonstration in Milan is one arrest and 74 complaints. “Violent groups have been constantly monitored and blocked every time they sought contact with the police and when they tried to reach sensitive objectives”, reads a note from the Police Headquarters, which emphasizes how the of the order have had to face “repeated attempts to reach the headquarters of the CGIL”. Nine complaints for “fascist choirs”. The president of the Lombardy Order of Journalists wrote to the commissioner denouncing “attacks” and “threats” to a Tg5 troupe. In Rome, a doctor was attacked on the subway platform by a group of ‘no pass’ protesters.

He died young from Passo Corese on vacation in Zanzibar, he was 31 years old

Right-wing activists, as specified by the police headquarters “were letting themselves go to expressions of a clear fascist stamp”. In the end, nine people between 28 and 45 years old, belonging to the Militant Community of the Twelve Rays, were reported to be blocked in Viale Abruzzi at the corner of Via Pecchio and taken to the Police Headquarters for investigation. «The nine – a note reads – of which 8 resident in the Varese area and one in the province of Bergamo, were denounced for apology for fascism, an unannounced demonstration, interruption of public office and private violence. The commissioner also issued 9 street papers (8 lasting one year and 1 six months) to them from Milan ».

No green pass, 10 thousand in procession in Milan


apologia fascism

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