The prison of his wife is better, the 30-year-old escapes from house to be arrested

The soldier on duty at the Tenenza Carabinieri barracks in Guidonia Montecelio, yesterday evening, believed, for a moment, that he was the victim of a joke, when a 30-year-old Albanian citizen, already known since under house arrest for previous crimes, he just showed up at the barracks asking to be taken to prison.

The 30-year-old explained to the military that he was no longer able to cope with forced coexistence with his wife and, therefore, exasperated by the situation, he preferred to escape by spontaneously presenting himself to the Carabinieri to ask to serve his sentence behind bars.

The military “granted” his wish, arresting him on charges of evasion, and the judicial authorities, informed of the situation, ordered his transfer to prison.


prison wife #30yearold escapes house arrested

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