Covid, the former municipal and port councilor no green pass Fabio Tuiach is positive

The port no green pass and former councilor Fabio Tuiach is positive for coronavirus. This was revealed by Tuiach himself through his Russian social profile VK. According to what was reported, the former exponent of Lega and Forza Nuova underwent two salivary swabs and both tested positive. Tomorrow he will carry out the molecular one.

“A few days ago I was in front of the fire hydrants and I was out wet all day. I think that with the temperature of Trieste at the end of October it is impossible not to get sick in these cases and in fact I was immediately positive for the pharmacy swab after the fever and tomorrow there is the official one. For me, COVID exists only in the minds of hypnotized people but equally I am taking anti-inflammatories and vitamins and I leave the experimental vaccine to hypochondriacs without God. COVID is a scam but with Tachipirina and the vigilant waiting someone can end up in the hospital but whoever made the magic serum will always defend it even in the face of the evidence. I finally got this terrible flu, damn what fear “


Covid municipal port councilor green pass Fabio Tuiach positive

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