Tragedy during the foot race, 56 years old collapses and dies

Tragedy in the early afternoon today, Sunday 24 October 2021 in Claut, when a 56 year old, Bruno Taffarel, born in Udine and resident in Cordenons, he fell ill while climbing a stretch of the race course of La Clautana, a non-competitive race in its first edition, and not far from the barns of Ciol de cià stort, above the Tree village.

The rescue

Rescue arrived promptly, took off at 9.30 and landed four minutes later. On site there were already two rescuers from the Alpine Rescue who supervised the race course and assisted a nurse, who in turn participated in the race, to practice heart massage. A few minutes later the defibrillator arrived and almost at the same time the helicopter rescue.

Despite repeated attempts for the man there was nothing to do. The body was transported to the valley where the Carabinieri of Cimolais completed the required formal procedures.


Tragedy foot race years collapses dies

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