Gualtieri and the failure to invite the center-right mini-mayor: denials and controversies

A meeting “Political and non-institutional, called to wish you a good job at the beginning of your mandate”, which resulted in a table in which the synthesis of the priorities and criticalities of the various territories of Rome was inevitably made. So from the Capitol they explain thelast Thursday meeting between the new mayor Roberto Gualtieri and the center-left city hall presidents.

The meeting with the center-right president in Tor Bella Monaca

With Nicola Franco, mini-mayor of the VI, the only territory that went to the center-right at the last administrative meetings, the meeting had taken place shortly before: on the occasion of Gualtieri’s visit to the Torri di Tor Bella Monaca. “But it was a few minutes in which of course – Franco told RomaToday – there was no time to investigate the most relevant issues of the territory “.

Gualtieri, “political” meeting with the center-left presidents

On the other hand, various problems emerged and addressed during the meeting, “political and non-institutional” – underline from Palazzo Senatorio, of the new mayor of Rome with the fourteen presidents: from 6 thousand streets out of 16 thousand out of Ama’s contract and therefore they are never cleaned, to the problematic weeding service of the sidewalks up to the lack of managers who leave different areas uncovered in the municipalities.

Refuse: Gualtieri meets the mini-mayors, and runs to clean up Rome

But Franco’s failure to invite sparked the controversy: Brothers of Italy shouts at the “institutional rudeness”, the League speaks of “evidence of the Pd regime”. From what RomaToday learns on Sunday the mayor Gualtieri called Franco explaining to the president of the VI that Thursday was an informal and political meeting, hence the convening of only the center-left minis mayors.

From the Campidoglio they also underline how Gualtieri’s first public outing was in Tor Bella Monaca. All the official and institutional meetings, they say, will obviously be between the mayor and all fifteen city hall presidents, without any distinction ”.

The FdI and Lega controversy over the failure to invite Franco

But with the polls just closed, the political clash is already very heated. “It was an institutional rudeness that we hope will not be repeated as it is certainly legitimate for Gualtieri to meet his town hall presidents, but on the condition that this happens in a political context. If it is an operational meeting for an important issue such as waste – he thundered Andrea De Direct, outgoing parent company of FdI in the Capitoline Assembly – an entire territory cannot be excluded just because it is politically represented by the center-right. We expect the newly elected Mayor to respect all political forces and especially all citizens “.

Giorgia Meloni: “From Gualtieri institutional disrespect”

“From the press – the president of FdI increases the dose, Giorgia Meloniwe learn that the new mayor of Rome Gualtieri would have summoned the presidents of the municipalities to the Campidoglio to talk about the waste emergency and cleaning of the city. The 14 center-left presidents have been invited, excluding the only center-right one: Nicola Franco, who leads the VI Municipality and represents a territory where over 250 thousand citizens live, which houses the Rocca Cencia plant and suffers from the scourge of illegal landfills. If confirmed, we would be faced with a very serious institutional rudeness that does not bode well for the work of the new Capitoline administration: does Gualtieri want to be the mayor of the PD or of all the Romans? “.

“The new mayor of the Democratic Party, Roberto Gualtieri, begins badly and decides to exclude the only town hall governed by the center-right from a round table on urban decor. A fall in style, with a useless attempt to recover in extremis today, aggravated by the fact that we did not want to take into consideration the opinion of the citizens of the eastern suburbs, that of Municipality VI of the Capital, the host territory of Rocca Cencia as well as being full of illegal landfills. Once again the opposition – wrote in a note Laura Corrotti, Councilor of the Lazio Region League – it is banned and with it thousands and thousands of citizens guilty of having chosen the center-right rather than a party that in all these years has shown in the Lazio Region to be incapable of solving the waste problem in Rome “.

The League, in Rome “evidence of the Pd regime”

“The worst of the week? Gualtieri and the trials of the Pd regime. The new Mayor, excluding Nicola Franco, the only center-right City Hall president (Rome 6) from the waste summit, offended not a political party or color but a whole community penalized just because it did not vote for him. A slip? Or a very specific strategy of a dictatorial regime to exclude the only voice out of the chorus? Can you explain it to us, mayor “ – commented Simona Baldassarre, MEP of the League and Head of the Family Department.

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