Milan-Cortina 2026, hundreds in procession in defense of the environment: “Olympics at no cost? The brick speculators have already arrived”

“We were told that the Olympic Games of Milan-Cortina 2026 would have been at no cost, instead governments have already allocated one billion 340 million euros. And the facilities in most cases will be used only for 10-15 days. The region Veneto wants to build at his own expense a clue gives bob, against the will of the That is, who invited to move the races to Innsbruck. And already, like vultures, the speculators, while the brick party has taken action ”. Luigi Casanova, honorary president of Mountain Wilderness speak out to at least 400 environmentalists who reached Cortina for the second protest march against the overbuilding from the Mountain and of Dolomiti. Representatives of 52 environmental associations traveled through the cities of the tourist center, reaching the old bobsleigh run “Eugenio Monti”, to climb under the slopes of the Tofane, where heavy interventions with environmental repercussions are announced. Numerous interventions took place during the march. Among others, they talked Carlo Alberto Pinelli, Franco Tessadri e Giancarlo Gazzola di Mountain Wilderness, Giovanna Ceiner of Italia Nostra, Franco Frigo president of Cai Veneto, Cristina Look regional councilor of Verdi Europe, Roberta De Zanna on behalf of environmental associations of Cortina and Cadore.

Casanova gave the summary speech of the event entitled “Not in my name“. “We should say: not in our name, given how many we are – he said – These great sporting events cannot be organized on Alps. It has also supported it for thirty years Cyprus, the International Commission for the Protection of the Alps, why they cost a lot e they destroy the mountain“. Then he cited the case of the bobsleigh run whose cost, according to the president of Veneto Luca Zaia, would have been reduced less than 60 million euros. “The governor said the cost will be lower since it won’t be reused as playground. But they had heralded it as the solution to allow it to be maintained. Thus all Zaia’s speech made in recent years falls away ”. There is great concern for direct interventions on the slopes (as also happened with the world ski championships) and for the so-called side effects. “They are planning three links of Cortina with the Val Badia, with the Falzarego e Arabba, with the Passo Giau e Selva di Cadore, all with public interventions, too, ”Casanova said. “Then there are plans for a large hotel al Passo Giau and two tourist villages in Federavecchia di Auronzo and Cortina. Not to mention the maxi-project – decades old, but now revived – to pierce the Sella Group and connect the Fodom valley, the Val Badia, the Valgardena and the Val di Fassa. And the Lombardy he has just allocated 95 million for a ski connection that seemed to have been forgotten through the Valdidentro to get to Livigno ”.

In the heart of the Dolomites there is also room for an indictment against the Unesco Dolomites Foundation: “It did not implement the management plan Dolomiti 2040 – concluded Casanova – which should have guaranteed respect for nature and the landscape, in the name of sustainability ”.

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