Milan, boys robbed and beaten in the Darsena: the attackers still wanted

Milan, boys robbed and beaten in the Darsena: the attackers still wanted
Milan, boys robbed and beaten in the Darsena: the attackers still wanted

A group of four boys was attacked with kicks and punches by a gang of young people. The boys were surrounded, threatened, robbed and then beaten. A backpack, a watch and a cell phone were stolen from the young people while the attackers fled and lost their tracks.

Archive image – Darsena

Four Italian boys were robbed in the night between Saturday and Sunday in the Darsena, in Milan. The attack would have taken place in Piazza XXIV Maggio, in the Navigli area and according to the testimonies released to the police by the victims, it would have been a gang of young North Africans. The group would approach the four, surround them and threaten them.

The boys were also beaten by the gang

Also according to the words of the four attacked boys, after the threats and the theft of a watch worth about one hundred euros, a backpack and a cell phone, they were also punched by the gang. The attackers then lost their tracks while the children victims of the robbery were transported in green code to the San Paolo hospital in Milan. Now it will be up to the police to reconstruct the exact dynamics of the robbery and trace the attackers, perhaps also through the use of video surveillance images of the area, which has long been the subject of attacks and robberies.

Another attack in the dock: robbed of French tourists

Also in the Darsena in Milan, at the end of August, three French tourists had been attacked in the night between a Friday and a Saturday by about ten children. According to what was explained by one of the foreigners in a video posted on social media, the fight had broken out because one of the tourists would not have shaken the hand of one of the children. Hence the disproportionate reaction of the group, which kicked and punched the tourists. The kids also started throwing glass bottles and in the end it was one of the French who suffered major cuts and bruises who got the worst of it.


Milan boys robbed beaten Darsena attackers wanted

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