He died young from Passo Corese on vacation in Zanzibar, he was 31 years old

He dies in Zanzibar while on vacation. A 31-year-old boy, Valerio Ciceroni residing in Passo Corese (Rieti), died while he was spending a holiday in the archipelago of the islands of Tanzania with a girl.

The family members were informed of his disappearance this morning, Sunday 24 October, and immediately took action through the local institutions and the Farnesina to understand what happened to the young man and to reach the diplomatic representation in Zanzibar in order to start the procedures for the repatriation of the body.

Died in Zanzibar as a young man aged 31 from Passo Corese

At the moment, the causes of the death of the young man, who has a twin brother, well known throughout the municipality of Fara Sabina, on the border between the provinces of Rome and that of Rieti, fell into bewilderment as soon as the news began to circulate.



died young Passo Corese vacation Zanzibar years

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