The shadow of the ‘Ndrangheta on the Reggio Emilia murder: shot in the head to the son-in-law of the collaborator of justice. It was an execution: “He was made to kneel”

Salvatore Silipo, the victim

a murder in broad daylight, with a blow to the head shot from a 44 Magnum and with the shadow of the ‘Ndrangheta that envelops him. To die in the province of Reggio Emilia in the early afternoon on Saturday it was Salvatore Silipo, 29 years old, living in the municipality of Cadelbosco On. They shot him inside theDante Gomme workshop in which he had worked until a few days before. The name Dante derives from the owner of 70 years old, Dante Sextus, now accused of homocide, receiving stolen goods and illegal possession of firearms. With him, at the scene of the shooting, the carabinieri of Guastalla they also found the son Antonio and they took them both to the barracks for interrogation. Salvatore was killed with a Smith & Wesson 44 Magnum result stolen, presumably after being forced to kneel. A execution, therefore, which took place according to the first reconstructions before the brother of Salvatore, Francesco Silipo and to his cousin Piero Mendicino. The two would have managed to escape and Francesco would have met two carabinieri not far away who broke into the workshop and found Dante with the gun still in his hand.

The gods are two heavy surnames Silipo and gods Sextus, which refer to investigations and there processes from ‘ndrangheta and on organized crime in recent years in Emilia Romagna. The same tire shop, now called Dante Store, has a “particular” history. Achieved by gunshots in the past, it was considered by the investigators to be a company used for the issuance of false invoices and the making of tax offenses. It emerges in the process Billions, just started Reggio Emilia before the judge Andrea Rat, which sees indictment requests for 193 under investigation.

The accused is a criminal organization operating in half of Italy, including ten chiefs own figure Antonio Sestito, Dante’s son present on Saturday at the scene of the murder. In just two years, between 2014 and 2015, Dante Gomme had received false invoices for half a million euros relating to the purchase of 3 thousand non-existent tires. For that and other tax frauds the public prosecutor of Reggio has asked for precautionary measures for Antonio Sestito, who was at the scene at the time of the shooting though restricted to house arrest. In a wiretapping to the records of the investigation, Antonio receives a phone call from someone Michele who has contracted a debt with him and who desperately says to him: “And if I don’t pay you what are you doing, will you come and shoot Anto ‘? Will you send me some of your friends like Turrà? ”. The reference is to Roberto Return, definitively condemned in Aemilia as belonging to the cosca Grande Aracri / Sarcone.

The murder weapon

Even the victim, Salvatore Silipo, I had previous penalties. The man was arrested in April 2020 when the carabinieri found in the garage of his home in Santa Vittoria – a fraction of Gualtieri – a laboratory for cutting the cocaine, seizing two and a half hectograms of drugs and materials for packaging the doses. Five of his family were indicted in Aemilia maxi process at the ‘Ndrangheta from Emilia and all condemned to heavy penalties, with the exception of Floriana Silipo acquitted on appeal. Among the condemned also a Salvatore Silipo namesake of the victim, of which he was cousin.

But there is another element worrying that connects the brutal execution on Saturday to the events of the original clan of Cutro. Salvatore Silipo he had two young children: one two years old and the second born a few days ago. The mother is called Pina Cortese and is the little more than twenty-year-old daughter of collaborator of justice Angelo Salvatore Cortese. Former member of the armed group of the ‘Ndrangheta who responded to Nicolino Grande Aracri, since 2008 Cortese has been a thorn in the side of the clan and for this reason he has been threatened with death several times along with members of his family. Nicolino himself Rubber hand he was very angry and wanted to kill his mother, while the other “repented” Antonio Valerio says that even the Emilian boss Nicolino Sarcone, together with his brothers and in agreement with Alfonso Beloved, had decided to eliminate it.

Cortese and Valerio are still today decisive with their reconstructions in the trials to ‘ndrangheta seedy, as i four life sentences on appeal sentenced by Court of Bologna for the murders committed a Reggio Emilia In the 1992. Kill Salvatore Silipo therefore it also means to kill the son-in-law of Angelo Salvatore Cortese; it means, for those who remain faithful to the ‘Ndrangheta family, to kill a close relative of a traitor.

The investigations are now coordinated by the deputy prosecutor of the Reggio Emilia Public Prosecutor’s Office Piera Cristina Giannusa, who will try to clarify the dynamics of the murder and the reasons that led the members of the two families to meet inside the shed closed to the public. Meanwhile, the social networks report the comments on the incident and together with the pain of relatives and friends of Salvatore Silipo’s family, the anger and the desire to vendetta. A person writes on facebook who signs himself with the surname of Ciampà, the historic ‘Ndrangheta family settled in National course a Cutro: “What shit bastards. Killing a boy and a dad of two children. They must have the same end ”.

The prophetic words of Antonio Valerio pronounced in the courtroom in 2018 at the conclusion of the Aemilia trial: “Other ‘Ndranghetists outside they are reorganizing themselves, with means and methods different from those of today. Don’t be fooled. Nothing has finished in Reggio Emilia. It is not – finished – nothing!”.

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