Covid emergency, infections on the rise in Foggiano and winter on the way. Lopalco: “There’s not much to joke about”

“With the coming winter there is little to joke about”. The regional councilor for health, Pier Luigi Lopalco, keeps his guard high in the fight against Covid, specifying that there is absolutely no way out of the pandemic. On the other hand, the national health emergency could be extended until January 31, 2022.

The epidemiologist reiterated the need to accelerate the third dose of anti-covid vaccine and, above all, complete the vaccination cycle of the youngest: “In this phase of the pandemic, in fact, we still have a viral circulation of a certain importance, at low intensity because there is a large vaccinated population. Any vaccination intervention is useful and important”He explained to Adnkronos Salute. The extension of the third dose to all vaccinated “it will probably be suggested by the data we will collect in the coming months” he added.

Cases on the rise in the last three days in the province of Foggia: 138 were recorded in the last 72 hours. A few weeks ago, to the microphones of Foggiatoday, from the Tatarella di Cerignola garrison, Lopalco had been clear. “There must not be a health worker who is not vaccinated, because an unvaccinated health worker is a scandal that we cannot accept “ (watch the video).

In the meantime, the anti-covid booster vaccinations and those for the 2021-2022 flu campaign started at the Policlinico Riuniti in Foggia at the outpatient departments of the University Hygiene Unit of the D’Avanzo hospital. A booster dose is strongly recommended for all “health professions and health care workers who carry out their activities in health, social health and social welfare structures”, ie health workers recipients of the vaccination obligation provided for by art. 4 of the decree-law n. 44/2021, converted with amendments by law no. 76/2021. For the booster, mRNA vaccines are used, regardless of the products used for the primary cycle, at least six months after completion of the same.

In accordance with the regional provisions, the immunization of health workers suffering from chronic diseases (as per annex 2 of the Ministry of Health circular), over the age of 60 or who work in high-school facilities, will be carried out as a priority. risks, such as first aid, 118, safety and health surveillance, hygiene, infectious diseases, intensive care, resuscitation and pulmonology. Or in the laboratories of Microbiology, Radiodiagnostics, Nephrology and Dialysis and Gynecology.

Subsequently, the operators of all the other facilities will receive the vaccination. It should be noted that, in accordance with the provisions of the circular of the Ministry of Health, the flu vaccine and the anti-covid booster dose will be offered in co-administration, thus optimizing times and for operators who will not be able to take advantage of the opportunity to co- administration of the two vaccines, recovery methods will be made available.

How to book the third dose

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