“Tu Sì Que Vales”, standing ovation for the one-armed archer

October 23, 2021 11:47 pm

In sport Gabriel George has found the motivation to live and to do things

I lost my arm in a motorcycle accident and now I only have one. “Entered the studio of”You are worth it“with a bow, the American Gabriel George tells the judges his story, with simplicity and above all with the smile on his lips. “I started doing archery four years ago. They told me there were various sports that I could do even with only one limb and so I chose to try this one, encourages me and keeps me motivated“.

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The 35-year-old from Houston explains that he will shoot arrows with his mouth and starts with his own number, which consists of hitting before the ship-shaped targets in motion and then the center of a swinging sunflower. “Even if I have a disability, we must not lose the meaning of life, the motivation to live and do things. This keeps me on track and keeps me going, “he concludes, getting one standing ovation by the audience present.


Vales standing ovation onearmed archer

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