here is “The showdown” – Time

here is “The showdown” – Time
here is “The showdown” – Time

23 October 2021

The Casamonica clan is mafia. This was established by the ruling of the court of Rome, whose stages are retraced by Discovery in the documentary “Casamonica – The showdown”. The special, written by Carmen Vogani and hosted by Nello Trocchia, shows the clashes in the courtroom between prosecutors and the numerous lawyers of the Casamonica family, as well as the testimonies of the victims and former members of the clan. There are unpublished interviews with the main protagonists of the trial, wiretaps and exclusive videos, including a violent assault that is shown to the public for the first time. The 44 defendants and the 25 victims tell their versions in the documentary. Also shown are the interviews with the police, the images of the home of Giuseppe Casamonica known as Bitalo after the confiscation of the house and also the video of the violent assault on a victim of extortion by Pasquale Casamonica known as Rocky.

The real twist of the two-year trial is represented by the move of Debora Cerreoni, the first justice collaborator in the history of the clan and ex-wife of a member of the Sinti family, Massimiliano Casamonica. Cerreoni has revealed the habits and secrets of the mafia clan. In addition to her to nail the Casamonica there were the words of Massimiliano Fazzari, another collaborator of justice linked to circles of ‘Ndrangheta, who was first an accomplice and later a victim of the family.



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