Tor Bella Monaca, shoot at cars with 4 people on board: investigate the Flying Squad

If the hits had landed, it would have been a tragedy. Maybe a massacre. A shooting took place in the night in Tor Bella Monaca. At least five, like the number of shells found, the bullets exploded from a pistol. Moments of fear with the residents who alerted the police. Police and carabinieri arrived on the spot, and with the Hawks of the Flying Squad now at work to reconstruct what happened.

According to what has emerged so far, the shooting took place in via di Tor Bella Monaca, near the theater, around 11 pm on Saturday 23 October. A dark car, which then escaped, joined a Mercedes A-Class with four people on board, two men and two women. Someone pulled his arm out and, while the two cars were on the march, fired. At least five times.

Shots that hit the Mercedes, shattered the windows, but fortunately did not hit the mark. The four inside the bullet-riddled Class A then stopped shortly after when law enforcement intervened. The Flying Squad, which investigates with stitched mouths, has identified the 4 people inside the car. The two men and two women were heard. At the moment no track is excluded, from that linked to the sale to that of a quarrel for sentimental reasons.


Tor Bella Monaca shoot cars people board investigate Flying Squad

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