Colombia, ‘Otoniel’ arrested: leads the most powerful gang of drug traffickers. President Duque: ‘Biggest hit after Escobar’

The most wanted drug trafficker in Colombia and beyond, Dario Antonio Usuga, said ‘Otoniel’, head of Gulf Clan – Colombia’s most powerful drug gang – was arrested. The operation mobilized some 500 members of the security forces, supported by 22 helicopters and US and UK satellites and intelligence. It took place in the jungle. “It was the biggest blow to drug trafficking since the fall of Pablo Escobar”Commented the Colombian president Ivan Duque. Also involved with far-right groups, With faith he will soon be extradited to the US. “Special thanks to the security forces (…) for the capture (…) of Dairo Antonio Usuga, aka ‘Otoniel'”, he said on Twitter Emilio Archila, advisor to President Duque.

The Colombian broadcaster W Radiò di Bogota remember that on Usuga’s head hung a size up to five millions of dollars mail from the government of the United States. Sought after by at least six years, the boss, who is 49 years old, must answer in 120 trials of the most diverse crimes, including multiple murders and the export to Central America, the United States and Europe of many tons of cocaine from the Uraba region of the Antioquia department.

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Colombia Otoniel arrested leads powerful gang drug traffickers President Duque Biggest hit Escobar

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