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The last fire brigade teams, alerted shortly after 10 pm yesterday, returned at 3 am this night.

What was supposed to be a normal and carefree Saturday between friends, in Brossasco, has instead turned into a huge tragedy. Five young people, all in their twenties, were traveling on a Mercedes “Class A” along the provincial road number 8, the “via vecchia di Venasca”, that is to say in the stretch that from the roundabout entering the town, going up the valley, winds along the right orographic bank of the Varaita and descends to Venasca.

Here, at the height of the bridge over the Varaita stream, the accident.

The car, after losing grip on the road surface, swerves and carom. It ends up off the road, falling into the bed of the Varaita stream, several tens of meters away from the bridge on the Provincial Road 8.

The alarm goes off, and many emergency vehicles are brought together on the spot.

The 118 operations center sends the medical service from Sampeyre and the medical ambulances from Saluzzo and Savigliano, together with other emergency vehicles. From the provincial command of the fire brigade of Cuneo, the intervention of the teams of Saluzzo, Venasca, Busca, of the speleo-alpine-fluvial nucleus, of the ladder started by the Command of Cuneo is ordered.

In the cockpit, rescuers found five occupants, all young.

Driving the “A Class”, Enrico Olivero, 22 years old, living in Piasco. Together with him, in the cockpit, Paolo Salvatico, 23, also from Piasco, and three other young people: two boys, also from Piasco, aged 23 and 22, and a 19-year-old girl from Verzuolo.

For Olivero and Salvatico, unfortunately, there will be nothing to do: the doctors of the 118 on the spot will not be able to do other than ascertain the death. The two young people from Piaschesi are transported in maximum urgency to Santa Croce di Cuneo, in red code, due to the very serious traumas reported in the accident. The young 19-year-old from Verzuolo will instead be transferred, with minor trauma, in yellow code, to the Santissima Annunziata hospital in Savigliano.

The dynamics of what happened are now being examined by the Carabinieri of the Compagnia di Saluzzo, who arrived on site last night with the patrols of the Casteldelfino and Venasca stations and with the rate of the Radiomobile operational unit.

The military is carrying out all the investigations. We learn that the car with the young people was traveling in the direction of Brossasco. At the end of a long straight, near a curve, it left the road independently, without the involvement of third-party vehicles, finishing the race in the Varaita riverbed.

In the meantime, the mobile crane was also started by the Cuneo Fire Brigade Command to remove the car from the bed of the watercourse. The last teams of the fire brigade returned to the relevant detachments late at night.

The road has been closed to traffic for a long time, in order to allow all rescue operations in complete safety.

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