Garbage emergency from EUR to Parioli. The streets of Rome are waste dumps – Il Tempo

Garbage emergency from EUR to Parioli. The streets of Rome are waste dumps – Il Tempo
Garbage emergency from EUR to Parioli. The streets of Rome are waste dumps – Il Tempo

Francesca Mariani

October 24, 2021

Our new ride through the streets of the capital among the nerds overflowing with garbage could only start from the territory of the VI Municipality. The large photo on the right captures the situation in the Torre Angela district. And in Tor Bella Monaca, nearby, it certainly doesn’t get any better. We are right in the VI, the town hall led by Nicola Franco, the only minis mayor who the day before last night was not in the Campidoglio to talk with the new mayor Roberto Gualtieri because he was “not invited” to the “improvised” round table by the mayor precisely on the subject of urban decor. The knot of waste is the first and most important problem that the capital asks the new mayor to solve, since the absurd and stupid war that the Region and the Municipality have made until now and before now has not solved the problem. ’emergency. Indeed, we have actually been going on for more than 10 years, when the closure of the Malagrotta landfill was still a nightmare.

Zingaretti and Raggi on the subject played them with no holds barred leaving, and these photos prove it, the garbage on the ground. But now that the Democratic Party governs here, in the Capitol, and governs there, in the Region, and since a pact has already been signed between Zingaretti and Gualtieri, albeit in words, for a loyal and constructive collaboration, we want to hope, for the good of the city that Rome can in the shortest possible time count on new generation plants for the treatment of the 4 thousand tons it produces every day, of the much sought-after service landfill where the processing waste is to be conferred, of a surge in the share of differentiated (which in the Rays era remained at stake) and perhaps in a decrease in the waste rate, since it is the highest in Italy. Even removing the waste from the streets would still be a good result to be achieved in the short term.

Because it is not only the VI, the only center-right-led town hall, that is submerged by waste, neglect and decay. The photos we publish were taken throughout the municipal area and no neighborhood is saved: from San Giovanni to Trieste, from Esquilino to Piramide, from Conca D’Oro to Casalbertone, from via Nomentana to the Appia ring road. Uncollected garbage is everywhere. The city deserves more. Every street, every neighborhood, even the farthest from the center, can no longer be abandoned to itself.

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