Weather, other than “red alert”: in Reggio Calabria it is a splendid Sunday of anomalous heat

Weather, in Reggio Calabria abnormal heat and good weather on the Sunday of “red alert”

The waters of the Strait are full of sailors who have chosen to go out to sea; the hills of the city resound with the shots of hunters; the fishermen have already returned loaded with food. Those used to living in close contact with nature knew very well that today in Reggio Calabria there would be no atmospheric apocalypse, and despite the (completely unfounded) alarms launched yesterday by the authorities, they decided not to be influenced by changing their programs. On the Lungomare there are already numerous passers-by, and in the city there is great enthusiasm for the Reggina match that will host Parma at 4.15 pm at the Granillo with over 8,000 fans expected in the stands.

The mistake was made by the regional civil protection which even issued the alert “rossa“, The maximum level foreseen by our legal system, thus pushing the mayors of the municipalities of the whole province to activate the safety protocols. The Prefecture of Reggio Calabria therefore opened the “Aid Coordination Center“, Which obviously does not have to help anyone. In the city, in fact, it is very hot: during the night the temperature never dropped below +20°C and now it has already risen to +24°C although it is still early in the morning. In the sky there are clouds, mostly high and stratiform, completely harmless in terms of precipitation, but also brightened with large flashes of clear sky from which even a few rays of sunshine filter through. The wind blows moderately from the south / east, it is an intensifying sirocco that is not causing any kind of problem.

In Reggio Calabria the day will flow in this way until evening, with temperatures increasing further until the early afternoon. In the city (and over much of the province) it won’t rain until the next night. Only in the Ionian side of the Aspromonte will we have the first rains in the late evening, but without criticality. The Mediterranean cyclone that is advancing towards Southern Italy is still in the Sicilian Channel, as we can see from the latest map of lightning strikes that show how strong thunderstorms are still found in the open sea between Sicily and Tunisia:

The most intense phenomena are affecting the island of Pantelleria, where they fell 34mm rain. Bad weather will advance towards Sicily and Calabria in the next few hours, but as we already highlighted yesterday on StrettoWeb, only tomorrow – Monday 25 October – the extreme phenomena will hit the area of ​​the Strait and the province of Reggio Calabria, even in a very violent way, particularly on the Ionian belt. The situation is serious enough for tomorrow; the bad weather will start exactly 24 hours after the weather alert launched by the regional civil protection.


Weather red alert Reggio Calabria splendid Sunday anomalous heat

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