Maria De Filippi loses patience with Rudy Zerbi a Tu si que vales: You are a pig inside

A Tu si que vales, Maria De Filippi got impatient with Rudy Zerbi. The juror was having her say on three athletic contestants. Zerbi implied that he was thrilled with their performance only because they were good looking guys. Maria De Filippi’s reaction was not long in coming: “You are a pig inside”.

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Quarrel between Maria De Filippi and Rudy Zerbi in the episode of You are worth it broadcast on 23 October. The reason for the dispute, the competitors Gaggi, Manuel and Francesco. The three young people performed, demonstrating their athletic abilities, obviously supported by a trained and fit physique. Rudy Zerbi contested the judgment of Maria De Filippi, insinuating that she was clouded by the physical prowess of the competitors.

The performance of Gaggi, Manuel and Francesco

Gaggi, Manuel and Francesco aged 27, 25 and 26, come from Milan and are athletes and coaches of verticalism and calisthenics. They performed on the notes of Las Vegas, a piece by Tancredi. With their performance made up of acrobatics, evolutions and acrobatics they convinced the jury. Gerry Scotti appeared among the most enthusiastic: “It is not just an exercise in strength, it is an exercise in splendid madness. You have not done anything for granted. You are wonderfully spectacular.”. Then also Maria De Filippi had her say:

“You have rarely seen a control of your body like this. From head to toe, you controlled every centimeter. Francesco Mazzone was impressive, standing on the fish-shaped vertical, motionless, motionless on one arm. It was impressive when it seemed that one was climbing the legs. stairs and the other came down and, even if there was nothing, between me and me I wondered if there was a step.

Rudy Zerbi teases Maria De Filippi who reacts

Rudy Zerbi teased Maria De Filippi saying he saw her too much “enthusiastic“. First she replied with good humor:”But did you see what they did?“, then she got impatient:

“He is a pig, he thinks I am enthusiastic because they are beautiful. Since he is a pig inside, he sees with his eyes …”.

Rudy Zerbi, then, revealed a background: “When Maria is enthusiastic, she claps her hand on the chair. When you entered, she started doing it before the number even started.”. The presenter categorically denied. In any case, he will have the opportunity to review the three athletes as they are valid for the judges and the public.

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