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Weather start next week

MEDITERRANEAN VORTICE. The Mediterranean vortex that between Sunday and on Monday it will be located on the Ionian Sea, it will be absorbed during the next week by a cavity of Atlantic origin which it will try to weaken, the high pressure field extended from Western Europe. In the meantime it will still be able to compromise the weather conditions over a large part of the Center-South with locally intense rains and thunderstorms and also involving the upper Adriatic, probably up to Friuli VG. In the meantime, the front arriving from the Atlantic will lean against the central-western Alpine borders, distributing some rain. Sunnier conditions are expected instead in the Northwest, in Sardinia, on the high Tyrrhenian and also in Puglia. More in detail:

WEATHER MONDAY, STRONG BAD WEATHER IN THE SOUTH. Stability prevails in the North, albeit with high stratifications in the central-eastern sectors which will also be compact, especially in Emilia Romagna, but without phenomena. Cloudy in the central regions with rains arriving in lower Abruzzo and lower Lazio, intensifying between the afternoon and evening and rising towards Umbria, Marche and inland Tuscany by the end of the day. Unstable on Sardinia with rains and showers especially on the Tyrrhenian side. Situation even more compromised in the South with disturbed weather and scattered rains and showers, more intense in Ionian Calabria and Basilicata, where thunderstorms and storms, even violent, are expected, sometimes accompanied by hail. In the evening strong thunderstorms also over eastern Sicily. Eastern winds, strong in the South where they will tend to come from the southeast with storm surges on the Ionian coasts. Falling temperatures.

Italy weather Monday

TUESDAY, IT RAINS UP NORTH. Rising of the rains up to Friuli VG, the Venetian and Romagna coasts, sunnier on the rest of the North, Tuscany and Sardinia except for thickening on the border Alps due to the approach of a front from the northern latitudes. Bad weather on lower Lazio, middle Adriatic, Campania, Calabria, Basilicata and northern Sicily with heavy rains and showers on the southern peninsula, with the exception of Puglia where they will be weaker or even absent on Salento. Tense or strong winds from the southeast on the Ionian with storm surges on the coasts, moderate or tense winds from the southeast on the Adriatic, from the north on the western basins. Stable temperatures or a further slight drop.

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