Tragedy on set, expert prosecution: Baldwin violated safety regulations

October 24, 2021 7:37 am

The only possibility that he will be criminally indicted is if it is established that he handled the weapon in a dangerous way, something that has not yet emerged. However, very important legal problems are looming

Alec Baldwin also risks consequences for the accidental killing of director of photography Halina Hutchins, not as the actor who shot but as one of the producers. According to some legal experts cited by the American media, he is unlikely to be charged with manslaughter as he did not know the gun was loaded.

The only possibility of a criminal indictment is if it is established that he handled the weapon in a dangerous manner, something that has not yet emerged, despite the accusations of Bryan Carpenter. As one of the producers of the film Rust, however, he risks, at least from a civil point of view, a series of legal actions if a negligence in safety is ascertained.

Even though the plaintiff is the main producer, investigations could reveal that other producers have lowered the safety threshold and thus be liable. Added to this is the fact that it will be necessary to ascertain who authorized the replacement of the troupe belonging to the sector union who left the set with other operators who do not seem to have respected the safety protocols. Whatever the scenario, it will be a legal nightmare for Baldwin.


Tragedy set expert prosecution Baldwin violated safety regulations

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