End of life, political delays – Gianpaolo forced to choose deep sedation: “Agonizing death is not a crime, if it is quick, yes”

End of life, political delays – Gianpaolo forced to choose deep sedation: “Agonizing death is not a crime, if it is quick, yes”
End of life, political delays – Gianpaolo forced to choose deep sedation: “Agonizing death is not a crime, if it is quick, yes”

The paradox of a State “which considers the agonizing death of a non-offense stabbing, while the quick death a crime inflicted with a firearm “. Like this Gianpaolo he described, now several months ago, the absurd situation that he found himself having to fight. Immobilized from the age of 11 years because suffering from spinal muscular atrophy, died at the age of 47 on 20 October, after choosing to proceed with the continuous deep sedation. The only way he was allowed to date in Italy: for thelegal euthanasia and the assisted suicidein fact, a law is still missing. The popular referendum was signed by one million and 220 thousand citizens in recent months and now the process will begin to get to the consultation of citizens. An important step to pose remedy to forty years of unfinished standards and continue referrals, the latest this week: the arrival in the Chamber of the Chamber of Deputies bill on assisted suicide, scheduled for Monday 25 October, is intended for slip because there is a lack of government opinions.

While the policy continues turn away, also continues the pain of those who have been waiting for that law for years. Like Gianpaolo, who turned to the “White Number” ofLuca Coscioni Association for information on your rights in the end of life. “I am 47 years old and I suffer from: Spinal Muscular Atrophy, one neurodegenerative disease which practically took everything away from me … Especially the will to live! The latter feeling as old as my existence ”, he wrote in his first message. “Today I live from tracheostomizzato, I can no longer speak, a swallow, I’m full of pains – he explained – Today the only hope and the death… I wish with all my heart to fall asleep (since I have not been able to sleep for a long time!) To put an end to all this penance”.

Marco Cappato e Filomena Gallo, treasurer and national secretariat of the Luca Coscioni Association, say that “in the absence of one institutional campaign, at his request, we have provided him with information on his rights ”. Another one lacuna, in addition to the legislation: information on the end of life, in fact, is still not very widespread and for this reason the Coscioni Association has activated the first infoline per shed light on these rights. Gianpaolo, explains the association, was fully aware He is able to self-determine if. He asked for help to learn more about his end-of-life rights and understand how to concretely end his life his sufferings now considered unbearable.

So he discovered how the current Italian legislation works, made up of what he himself defined “paradoxes that exceed the galaxies “. A regulatory vacuum highlighted by the ruling of the Constitutional Court number 242 of 2019, which renewed the request to Parliament to legislate on the end of life. More than three years have passed, but once again politics wastes time. For this theCoscioni Association has chosen to take to the streets and collect signatures for a referendum: also Gianpaolo had signed, thanks to another battle – this one won – which allowed the digital company through Spid.

Thus he himself described in another message the struggle with the paradoxes of the law: “Can I practice Legal euthanasia? NO! Can I get assisted suicide? NO! Because the favorable opinion of the Territorial Ethics Committee goes in the direction of suspension vital supports, resulting in deep sedation, so I couldn’t get assisted suicide. I can end the my sufferings already from tomorrow? Apparently, YES! “. After clarifying his rights, on the laws in force in Italy on the subject of the end of life, he chose to proceed with continuous deep sedation, which took place last October 20.

Cappato remember the mail with which Gianpaolo announced to the association that he was about to enter the terminal sedation process and that after written conclusive: “Anyway Marco Cappato without socks you can’t see it…! ”. The reference was to an interview that Cappato had done as a barefoot: “He has me excited and made you smile. Above all it has me cheered up on the disposition with which he left us ”, says today the promoter of the referendum on legal euthanasia. “Facing death with a smiling face is a sign of that strength and inner peace which can only have ua free person. It would be important that all sick people could know the own rights on the end of life even without having to contact the Luca Coscioni Association, simply doing them explain to the general practitioner ”, he concludes Cappato.

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