Rare smartphones, these are worth a fortune – you might have them too!

There are some rare smartphones that are worth staggering figures. They are historical specimens that you may have too

There are some rare smartphones that, for one reason or another, come to be worth very important figures (Pixabay)

By now, hundreds of new ads related to world of collecting. We talk mainly about rare coins and stamps, but also about smartphones, sneakers, vinyls and whoever has the most.

Most likely, you too have some specimens in the house that are worth a small treasure. Today we talk about old smartphones, which often – after a certain period of time – begin to increase their value as they are no longer on sale and therefore with increasingly limited editions. Here are some examples that are worth gold.

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Rare smartphones, these are worth a fortune: the full list

rare smartphones
There is talk of prices ranging from 60 to 1000 euros. It all depends on the rarity of the devices and their conditions. If they work, they can lead to insane earnings (Pixabay)

Some of the rarer smartphones and sought after by enthusiasts can also be valid more than 1000 euros. Between the most popular and easy to find models are there the Ericsson t28, the Nokia 8810 and the 3310. In depending on the conditions and their functioning, they can cost from 40 to 300 euros. Impossible not to mention l’iPhone 2G, one of the first iPhone by Apple and which represents a unique piece of history. If you have it not working, you could earn 300 euros. And if it still works, however, the price even goes up a 1000 euro.

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We close the list with the Mobira Senato, one of the very first devices produced by Nokia back in 1981. It is an almost impossible to find specimen, the price of which exceeds 1000 euros.


Rare smartphones worth fortune

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