Citizenship income: do the top-up dates change?

News on payments made by INPS with respect to citizenship income.

In fact, if for the month of September the beneficiaries of the facility were surprised to have received the recharge on unusual dates, even in advance, here everything should return to normal.

In fact, just for October, the National Social Security Institute (INPS) has restored a calendar of ordinary dates.

The top-ups planned for the following months will follow two distinct flows.

These streams will not be just two, they will turn into three or even four, but they will be dedicated only and exclusively to users who are still waiting to receive the arrears both for the temporary single check and for the Covid allowances.

Undoubtedly, the advance payments of top-ups which took place in September created disorder and confusion in all the beneficiaries who waited to receive their due.

But from now on here is that all dates should fall within the calendar established by INPS in a “traditional” way: the citizenship income will therefore no longer be paid in advance or with variations.

The new delivery dates will therefore, as always, starting from 15 for new applicants while the day in which to expect the credit (or top-up, the most suitable term for this real card) for all other beneficiaries it is set for the 27th of each month.

No date change is foreseen even for those who renew the request for citizenship income after 18 months of disbursement.

No surprise, but we will see here, in detail, the new INPS calendar for the disbursement of the citizenship income subsidy and what changes are planned, starting next January, regarding the child bonus and the citizenship income.

Citizenship income: why have the dates been moved?

There will be no, or at least are not expected, particular twists or surprises for the provision of citizenship income in the coming months.

The chaos date was caused by the prepayment of citizenship income for the months of the temporary check in both September and the previous month, August.

In this video by Mr LUL Ale’s wages are clarified in a simple and immediate way on the new dates of disbursement and on how the citizenship income works:

With these advances therefore, INPS managed to settle all the arrears for applicants from all over Italy and is ready to restart with regular refills starting as early as October.

Naturally, therefore, this month users and beneficiaries of the facility will be able to expect, in a completely regular way, the recharge to arrive starting from the last half of the month.

For new applicants, on the other hand, the top-up may already have arrived, as the first payments are intended for them and started starting from 15 October.

The month of September brought disorder: both on day ten and day twenty many beneficiaries were credited with the amount of citizenship income.

In the period of time that passed between the payments in August and September and the official communication of the restoration of the regular calendar by the INPS, there were several news that chased each other assuming that the calendar of payments and top-ups of the citizenship bonus would have been advanced for all subsequent disbursements.

As we have seen, however, this was not the case: in fact, starting from 15 October, citizens who have chosen to renew the request for citizenship income after eighteen months of disbursements, they have seen each other arrive, regularly, the first refills.

In addition to those who renewed their citizenship income after eighteen months, the other category of beneficiaries of the facility and subsidy who saw the accreditation arrive starting from the fifteenth of October, were those who were waiting for some bonuses that did not they are properly the citizenship income but can be assimilated to them.

Those who were expecting the sum of 1600 euros deriving from the disbursement of the “one-off” Covid bonus have also received payment starting from the fifteenth of the month.

Once the payments of the fifteenth of the month due to these categories of beneficiaries started, it became clear that the INPS would continue with the disbursements in a completely regular way.

But then, if everything has been established in such a definite and correct way, what has resulted in the chaos date that led to the September advance payments?

The cause is to be found in the disbursement of the temporary allowance, a real transitory benefit that made it called, precisely for this characteristic, also a “bridge allowance”.

The temporary allowance was paid for a limited period of time: only from July 1st to December 1st, thus accompanying the beneficiaries to the single allowance for 2022. To learn more about the topic, read our article, dedicated to it.

The payments of the two bonuses were paid simultaneously, overlapping and thus making the top-ups of the citizenship income for the months of August and September 2021 earlier than the traditional dates.

The communication from the INPS that reconfirmed the citizenship income with the traditional dates was therefore a necessary communication, to clarify and leave no room for doubts about the new disbursement dates.

All this was also absolutely necessary to clarify to the many users, once and for all, that the disbursements of citizenship income will be resumed regularly.

In fact, there have been many reports from users who have heard, when they contacted the INPS call center, from operators, that perhaps the new top-up dates for the facilitation would have been changed and would have arrived, in the following months, on the 10th or the wind of the month.

Citizenship income: the exceptions

Once it has been established that the dates of disbursement of the citizenship income, after the chaos dates of August and September, will be restored regularly from the fifteenth of the month or, for those who have not renewed their income after eighteen months, the twenty-seventh, here come the exceptions.

The only exceptions will concern the month of December: due to the Christmas holidays and the closures of all offices, there may of course be variations in the actual delivery dates.

The date of the twenty-seventh of the month, the one closest to the end of the month, could be the one that most of all will be destined to vary. In fact, the days before holidays could be brought forward to Friday or postponed to the following Monday, with respect to the date of the twenty-seventh.

Per check that you have correctly received the INPS payment, the beneficiary can have several alternatives:

  • connect to the INPS portal dedicated to citizenship income;
  • call the Italian Post Office number 800 666 888;
  • you can also contact the ATM, with the RdC card, by entering your PIN;
  • call the dedicated toll-free number for assistance in order to request any information regarding citizenship income

Citizenship income: what it is and how to apply for it

The measure, born with the government of Giuseppe Conte with the aim of helping less well-off families to recover and be able to get out of the economic difficulty, even very serious, perhaps caused by the loss of work due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it can be requested in several ways.

First of all it is good to have SPID, the Public Digital Identity System, which will allow access to the reserved area of ​​the INPS portal and will be able to initiate the request for access to the facilitation of citizenship income.

Obtaining the SPID is a mandatory step not only for the initial procedure for requesting access to the facility but also for managing the consequent phases of maintaining and updating the bonus, such as the declaration of immediate availability for work. or registration with ANPAL.

However, you can also decide to avoid doing everything yourself, at least as regards the beginning of the process, and to contact Caf and patronates to apply for access to citizenship income.

The beneficiaries of the citizenship income are those who:

  • are Italian citizens or residents in Italy for at least ten yearsi, of which the last two are continautive;
  • have a ISEE (Equivalent Economic Situation Indicator) updated less than 9,360 euros yearly;
  • possess a real estate assets of less than 30,000 euros;
  • have a financial assets not exceeding 6,000 euros which can be increased according to the number of family members and any disabilities present in the same.

There are also those who are entitled to an additional benefit, additional and proportionate to the number of dependent children. This is the so-called “temporary bridging allowance”.

These beneficiaries received the advance payment for the months of August and September and, as I said, the disbursement of this bonus, together with the payments of the Covid allowance, gave rise to the “chaos date” for citizenship income.

To find out about any new anomalies or particularities relating to the accreditation of payments for these alternative facilities, you can always access your own reserved section in the INPS portal or, to have a more direct contact with the institution, you can call the toll-free number.

It should also be remembered that, starting from January 2022, the top-up of citizenship income will in all probability be integrated with the single universal check. Therefore, the dates for crediting should be two, with two distinct dates for the credit flows of payments and without any new additions or changes.

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