Stellantis, the fears of Italian suppliers – Mondo Auto

Stellantis, the fears of Italian suppliers – Mondo Auto
Stellantis, the fears of Italian suppliers – Mondo Auto

The Italian automotive sector has always been based on a dense network of small and medium-sized companies capable of supporting car manufacturers. With the birth of Stellantis, most of the Italian suppliers have begun to see the size of their companies as a disadvantage compared to those of other European countries such as Germany, fearing that the group born from the merger between FCA and PSA will orient its choices elsewhere, perhaps towards more technologically advanced realities able to withstand the economic effort to adapt to the changes that the car sector is experiencing, in particular with electric mobility.

The fears of Italian suppliers were highlighted by a survey carried out by ANFIA and reported by Automotive News Europe, which highlights thathe automotive components sector in Italy it is made up of about 2,200 companies, with a total turnover of almost 45 billion euros in 2020. Almost half of these revenues, about 42% are a direct result of the sales made to the Stellantis group. The growing pressure to adapt to market demands could lead many of these realities to be crushed. “There is a problem of size and this is an obstacle, especially in terms of investments, when companies have to refocus their production”he stressed Marco Stella, head of the components sector of ANFIA, underlining that Italy does not have large suppliers, as is the case in Germany for example. “The small size affects their ability to respond to the challenges posed by changes in the industry.”

However, the intention is not to wait, with many companies that have allocated a large part of their budgets to the research and development sector, in order to be prepared for this change and not to lose orders. Much will also depend on Stellantis and what will be the requests of the group towards the supply chain and components.



Stellantis fears Italian suppliers Mondo Auto

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