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Covid, Vasco Rossi: “I don’t have it with no Vax, but I believe in science” – Chronicle

Bologna, 23 October 2021 – Vasco Rossi returns to speak out in favor of vaccination campaign against Covid. And it does so via social, posting on Instagram a series of audio clips on the ‘stories’.
It’s not like I’m against No Vax – Blasco points out – I don’t have it with No Vax. I make my choices, of course i believe in science. I saw that there was one pandemic that has brought the world to its knees: gods have arrived vaccines, fortunately fast enough, so now we can reopen, we can go back to hugging thanks to that. I just think this. ”

Vasco and fake news

Already yesterday, again on his social profiles, the rocker from Zocca had published a photomontage launched on the Net which saw him as the protagonist of a fake news against those who are against vaccines inviting you to pay attention to this kind of news. “For me then everyone can do what he wants – argues the Emilian singer – clearly. Indeed he is free to do what he wants, I’ve always said: do whatever you want but do it well“.

Anyway, continues Vasco Rossi “I hear one coming avalanche of ignorance which is irrepressible: I feel it in populism, I feel it in this extremism what is there, in violent tones that are always used by politicians. You cannot argue with ignorance – he explains again – but ignorance is not that of No Vax, I go back to saying, ignorance is that of populisms, it is that of extremisms that I feel has been coming for a while “. he concludes, “I am responsible for what I say but not for what others understand”.

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