No Green pass, Trieste calls and Rome responds: demonstrations throughout Italy and chants against Lamorgese

No Green pass, Trieste calls and Rome responds: demonstrations throughout Italy and chants against Lamorgese
No Green pass, Trieste calls and Rome responds: demonstrations throughout Italy and chants against Lamorgese

Afternoon of demonstrations throughout Italy against the obligation of the green pass. From Trieste, where the Genoese dockers are also, to Rome, where the actor Enrico Montesano is also in the square, down to Syracuse, thousands of people in the square chant the slogan that has now become a bit of a symbol no pass protests: “People like us never give up”.

Numerous events in the north, from Aosta to Trento, Vicenza, Padua, Bologna. In Milan an unauthorized procession is starting in these minutes – as has now been the case for 14 consecutive Saturdays -, which is parading with the cry of ‘Trieste calls, Milan responds’: to participate, as in previous occasions, also militants of social centers and far-right exponents united in the fight against the green certificate.

In Rome, the No Green Passes at the Circus Maximus

In Rome, the sit-in took place at the Circus Maximus, where there was no shortage of whistles against Draghi and Lamorgese among the tricolors and signs. In Ancona it manifests itself at the port, but also in the center. In central Italy it also occurs in another port city, in Civitavecchia.

The no green pass event organized today at the Circus Maximus ended with a sit in piazzale Ugo La Malfa. Among the demonstrators gathered to protest against the health certification also the actor Enrico Montesano.

On the notes of the “Libertà” choir, the national secretary of the 3V Movement, Luca Teodori, spoke at the no green pass event organized in Rome. “The green pass is to be torn up in general, not just the one on the obligation to work. Now that we have finally rebelled, we cannot limit ourselves to just modifying it. We must call for the fall of this government. We are in the square to bring support to the port of Trieste. Trieste calls, Rome answers. The battle is won in all the squares of Italy. The important thing is to give a democratic signal ”.

“Going to the streets – added Teodori – will not bring down the government, a proposal is needed. The real battle must be fought in the parliamentary halls. Protests in the streets are not enough to bring down the government, someone speaking on behalf of the Italian people is not enough. We need a group. We need to start a project. Today we have chosen not to have party flags, but flags must be there. We need a flag that represents a political project for all Italians ”.

In Naples three hundred people in the square

About 400 people are participating in the demonstration against the green pass in Naples. As now every Saturday afternoon, the event takes place in Piazza Dante and is permanent, without a procession. A small stage was set up at the foot of the statue of Dante to allow some of those present to intervene with the megaphone. Banners with slogans against the green pass have been affixed to the fence surrounding the statue in the center of the square.

In Catania in piazza Forza Nuova and the antagonists

In Catania, about 500 people are taking part in a procession which, starting from Piazza Roma, is walking along Via Etnea to protest against the use of the Green pass, chanting slogans against the government, shouting ‘freedom, freedom’. The initiative, which takes place regularly, was promoted by Forza Nuova, Ark of the Alliance, Fisi and Italexit. Among the participants there are also exponents of antagonist groups of the Catania left. Furthermore, in Piazza Cavour, Italexit has set up a stage with a large screen to be able to follow and connect with the protest against the Green pass in progress in Piazza Politeama in Palermo. Police are present at the two demonstrations.

“Social butcher”, the complaint of Pescara

“We demonstrate at the same time as the principals of Trieste and Ancona, united in the battle against those in Italy who have claimed to transform the green pass, from a tool to facilitate cross-border travel, into a social butchery tool”. Thus in Pescara the spokesman Nico Liberati, spokesman for the ‘No green pass Abruzzo’, who took to the streets to protest against the green pass and vaccination on minors. Despite the bad weather, a group of demonstrators, without party symbols, gathered in Piazza Sacro Cuore.

Confcommercio protests in Milan

Another Saturday of inconvenience in the center of Milan for the no green pass procession. “Unfortunately we have to repeat the same speeches over and over again, we are restarting with initiatives and events: let’s just think about this weekend at the Fair with food. And now that Milan sees a little perspective with greater health security, one day is hit again, that of Saturday, which represents over 20% of turnover for trade and public businesses ”says Marco Barbieri, general secretary of Confcommercio Milan.

“The legitimate freedom to express one’s dissent cannot limit the freedom of the great majority to move and operate in peace. It is enough to hinder the strenuous resumption of economic activities. Our appeal is, first of all, to have the good of this city at heart ”concludes Barbieri.

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