“Inter have Marotta, Juve don’t. Wrong choices by Nedved and Paratici supported by Agnelli”

The contdown is about to end: tomorrow at 20:45 Inter and Juventus will give life to a new and more than ever heard derby of Italy. The desire to win and not to be satisfied will be the master: both Inzaghi and Allegri know, in fact, that the time available is not much, when they lead clubs like this. And the time lost, especially for the bianconeri, begins to be substantial if the ambitions of the championship are to be kept intact.

The editorial staff of L’Interista talked about it exclusively with the former Juventus president, Giovanni Cobolli Gigli.

What weight does this Italian derby have?

“We all know the historical rivalry. Right now the need is to win: the draw would not satisfy anyone, perhaps more Inter, at the limit. For the Nerazzurri, winning would be the confirmation of being a team that, despite the summer changes , he is able to compete for the Scudetto. For the bianconeri he is worth more: he must continue the chase to return to the group of contentendi for the title. More demanding for Allegri therefore. Inzaghi already has his own game plan, Juventus has a excellent coach, who is arranging the game as needed. Everyone has their problems, but the shortcomings of Dybala, Morata and Rabiot have been felt. “

Would a failure to win be hard for both of us to digest, despite only 8 days having passed?

“It would be tough even if, as you say, there might be time to recover. But the critics, the press, tend to judge the last result positively if you win, very bad if you lose. This in general, not only with Juve. The one who will lose tomorrow will therefore find themselves in a difficult situation in terms of the image reproduced by the press. There would therefore be an effect on players and fans. Italy is like this, criticizing a team in a very short time, while in other countries happen to hear applause after a defeat “.

From this point of view, is the future of Juventus confident for what you see on the pitch, beyond the results?

“Yes, I am. After the first defeats there have already been criticisms of the type that Allegri would now be too old, that he hasn’t trained for a long time, things like that. I think instead he is an excellent coach. And from what I have perceived, it seems to me that Max has managed to recreate an environment of strong determination. It has been seen in the last few games: great unity, one goal, but victories. It came from a series of inexplicable goals conceded “.

Given the compactness acquired, do you think Allegri will aim to take advantage of any Inter mistakes, given the many opportunities that the Nerazzurri are conceding at the moment?

“Yes, I believe that the key to the match may be precisely this. Allegri studies the weaknesses of the opposing teams. Inter play well, but have difficulty in achieving. I am not a coach, but I believe that a person who knows football like Max will try to take advantage of these weaknesses. Inzaghi will do the same thing: he has the face of a child, but he is a very good coach. how to play. In this uncertainty I have to think that Juventus will be able to win. “

Does Inter have a team ready to win the championship, or do they see gaps in the squad?

“Inter have an excellent ad, Marotta. A serious and mature person. Not that others are not, but he is managing a complex situation. Inter ownership is thousands of kilometers away. Then it is true that today we are there. we can talk without problems, but we miss a president. Inter have a manager who had to sell two great players, but managed to form a competitive squad. Something that Juventus does not have: in my humble opinion the The bianconeri have been arriving for a couple of years in which great mistakes have been made. Even by Agnelli, who has supported Paratici and Nedved’s wrong choices. Now Juve is in a complicated situation. “

How do you see the possible arrival of an Arab property, that of the PIF fund at Inter?

“It would certainly be better for Inter. Suning when he bought he was solid and had a plan. Then a whisper from the Chinese president was enough and the situation completely changed. Before, China saw without criticism the fact of bringing investments to ‘ abroad, then the thing got complicated. I wish these gentlemen the best, but now they are in a situation of risk. The Arabs should be more solid “.

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