“Tomorrow same 11 of Juve. I’m not a bitch, 6-1 is my fault. On Naples … “

Roma restarts from the championship after the humiliating 6-1 in the Conference League against Bodo / Glimt and on the path of the Giallorossi comes the leaders Napoli. Here are the words of Josè Mourinho at the press conference:

The significance of this match?
“It’s not a turning point, we are doing a positive championship, with more positive performances than the results. We have 15 points, we deserved more. I don’t think about the turning point, I think about winning. The game is difficult, they have won them all and they are doing well. “.

The conditions of Zaniolo and Karsdorp?
“They are ready to play, the team that played for Juve plays.”

On the rose
“I’m not answering you specifically, but in a global way. There are a lot of people laughing at what I did with Roma. The Friedkins have received so many mistakes that others have made. Tiago Pinto the same. spent a lot of money to do well. Money was spent on cleaning up and trying to create conditions for a project that needs time. When someone says that Mourinho is not happy it is a lie and he couldn’t be bigger. Mourinho wants more players? Yes, like everyone else. Mourinho wants players of the same level? Yes, but Mourinho is not an asshole and he has respect for the Friedkins and for Tiago Pinto. Mourinho accepts the situation and understands it. A result like that of Bodo happens once upon a time in life, but the only responsible is me. Neither the players, nor the players nor Tiago. I decided to play a team that had a great risk of losing the game. I didn’t think such a disaster, but the responsibility remains mine I did it out of fear of injuries, for the synthetic field and because I don’t have two players for each position. I have done wrong, and the responsibility is mine. ”

Can the match be an environmental change?
“For me a 6-1 with Napoli would not erase anything, it does not erase my mistakes. Next time the usual team plays with Bodø, and if someone gets injured it’s a shame. Here we work hard, but we have inherited a scar emotional experience of a record of injuries that I have never seen in my life. One of the great things we need to improve on is this and we work a lot with a lot of concern. Thursday’s match gave me the opportunity to rest some boys and let them play some good guys, who train a lot. In Ukraine I made some changes, but there were still Smalling, Ibanez, Pellegrini, we were balanced. With Bodø I thought about letting more players rest, but I was wrong, I’m sorry. “

The big match problem?
“There is no complex, the only thing that matters is that in the last two seasons we have finished sixth and seventh. If this year we finish higher and don’t win against any big names, it’s not a problem. I like to play the big matches, thinking about past results is a limitation. Tomorrow we will face Napoli, we try to win “.

Can post Bodo anger be another weapon in view of Napoli?
“With Napoli they are a great team and it will be a match against a great manager. It will be difficult for us, but not easy for them. We have great players and a great coach. I will have tremendous pleasure in greeting Spallettone before and after. Thursday’s match. do not forget, I prefer to lose this one with Bodo because I think I win enough points to continue in the Conference League. We are candidates to go all the way. I prefer to lose a 6-1 game than you played 1-0, but let’s not forget it. ”

Are those words after the defeat with Bodo / Glimt just the result?
“When we had four victories in four Serie A matches, I jokingly said about San Pietro. If Chiellini gets injured, he plays de Ligt. If Alex Sandro is tired, he plays De Sciglio, I will give an example with Max because he doesn’t get angry with me. Our team has level solutions in some roles. In others it doesn’t and there is no hiding it. We are building a team, but we need to build a squad and we need more market, more money and the owners who are making an incredible effort to improving the club at all levels must be respected. When they tell me that it is written that I have problems with the Friedkins, it is not true. I respect the Friedkins and everyone must believe, even the Roma players, in the work of the property and of Tiago. they are people with pockets full of commissions, prizes, and then they disappear. And then the Friedkins pay, Tiago pays and I pay for going to the bench. But I’m honest and I take responsibility for my choices, leave the others alone what are they doing a fantastic job. And if they can help me more in January or in the summer, I would thank them very much. Tomorrow you will see the bench, there are no poor players, but there are many very young players. “

Is there a need for a further sacrifice from the outsiders tomorrow in the defensive phase?
“I think they have to worry about Zaniolo and Mkhitaryan. They are good, all good, but Zaniolo, Mkhitaryan and El Shaarawy are also good. We have to exploit the strengths of the opponents, but Luciano also knows he has to worry about us.”

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