F1 Usa: Verstappen-Hamilton again, duel in Texas – F1

F1 Usa: Verstappen-Hamilton again, duel in Texas – F1
F1 Usa: Verstappen-Hamilton again, duel in Texas – F1

Also in Austin, Texas, there will be a duel between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton. This is the leitmotif of the F1 World Championship and it will be the same in the United States GP where the two great protagonists of this year have respectively obtained the first and second times in qualifying. All this in the presence of a large public, largely made up of Mexicans who cheer on the other Red Bull driver, their compatriot Sergio Perez, according to whom “the tires will count a lot in the race, because they will have a lot of degradation” .

In the meantime, he got the third time and will try to have his say, to make his fans happy. Felice Verstappen, on the twelfth pole of his career, with a final round in which he inflicted 0.209 on Hamilton. “It was exciting to do this time – he says -, on the last lap even if there was a few drops in the last sector. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to keep the time, but then it was impressive. Tomorrow there will be huge. battle from the start and it will be what people want, I hope to get the best. ” As evidence of the rivalry between the two that shows no signs of abating, the fact that Hamilton did not go to congratulate his rival who had obtained the pole.

And the Ferraris? I am behind the two teams with the best cars, and therefore Red Bull and Mercedes. Leclerc is fifth, Sainz sixth, but will move down one place on the grid due to the five-position penalty inflicted on Bottas for changing the internal combustion engine. Now all that remains is to wait for the grand prix, in which the Monegasque in particular wants to give the best of himself. “I am very happy with my lap – says Leclerc – and tomorrow I will try to take advantage of this opportunity, in Q2 we did a good lap on average. No surprises in these tests, we will work and try to make a good start and leave our main competitors. ‘ behind”.


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