“Forza Nuova? This student knows more than the minister” – Libero Quotidiano

“Forza Nuova? This student knows more than the minister” – Libero Quotidiano
“Forza Nuova? This student knows more than the minister” – Libero Quotidiano

“We did not take to the streets in Rome on Saturday 9 October, because everyone knew there was going to be a mess that dayie that Forza Nuova was about to prepare something and we didn’t want to mix ”. The representative of the “Students against the Green pass” says so, Filippo Dellepiane, sophomore philosophy student, smart boy no doubt, but certainly not a secret service hound, unless he’s a champion in disguise.

And if he was on alert, days before the infamous assault on the headquarters of the CGIL, how did the Minister of the Interior not know that this was a special day, from the height of her forty and spend years of service in law enforcement? The Democratic Party could think of this young man, who declares himself to be left but speaks for a transversal, non-partisan movement, in which the DNA examination is not made to those who want to participate and who also accepts those who have made the vaccine, to replace the Lamorgese , now unwelcome even to Letta and Draghi. The presence of Dellepiane a A clean sweep, Thursday night, it delivered the coup de grace to the minister’s credibility and destroyed the sinister narrative of a dangerous and rising neo-fascism. “We have to hypostatize – the student uses difficult big words – Forza Nuova, these are four thugs, it happened that they tried to insinuate themselves also in our events but it was enough for us to organize a security service to leave them out”.

As if to say that Lamorgese should go to class with the No Green pass students, if she wanted to learn how to avoid riots. And there was a lesson for the FanPage director too, Francesco Cancellato, the author of the scoop on Milan League, Melonian and black, forced to admit that “Forza Nuova has never been so weak, it does not even appear in the elections because it would take less than 0.15%”. So? In the end, precisely in the broadcast that had raised the fascism alarm right before the elections, it was discovered, right after the vote, that black shirts are four cats that count for nothing.

The only one to take them seriously is Minister Lamorgese, who does not dare to deny access to the square to the black leader Castellino, despite having a Daspo and being watched by the police, and authorizes the neo-fascist march on the CGIL, to avoid worse troubles. In reality, that assault caused trouble only for Meloni, which had to justify itself even though it was not in the streets and never belonged to Forza Nuova, while on the other hand it returned centrality to the CGIL and was used by the left as an electoral spot. Philip knows these things too; in truth he is not the only one in Italy, but he is the only one on the left who has the courage to tell you, with the idealism and disinterest of his young age.

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