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two young people dead and two seriously injured –

UPDATE OF 23.51 HOURS: The toll of the accident worsens terribly. The press office of the ASL Cn1 reports that there are two young people who died due to the traumas reported in the accident.

In total, there were five boys in the car, all in their early twenties. Two lost their lives. Two other young people were transported by 118 ambulances to Santa Croce di Cuneo, while a girl was transferred, in yellow code, of medium severity, to Santissima Annunziata di Savigliano

ORE 22.48: The first information arrives fragmentary from the Varaita Valley, where the rescuers have been alerted for a serious road accident in Brossasco.

We learn that, shortly after 10 pm, along the provincial road number 8, a car – it seems with three people inside the cockpit – ended up in an escarpment, after losing grip on the road surface.

When the single emergency number, 112, was alerted, the 118 ambulances of the health emergency were sent to the site, together with the fire brigade teams of Saluzzo, Venasca, Busca, to the speleo-alpine-river nucleus and to the ladder truck, departed from the Command of Cuneo.

The police are also on site.

At first, as announced by the press office of ASL Cn1, it seemed that the car had caught fire, with some occupants inside. The fire brigade, on the other hand, denies that there has been a fire: it would only be a leak of thick smoke from the car’s engine compartment.

The three occupants of the car reportedly reported serious injuries, as announced by the Fire Brigade Command


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