Twenty thousand vaccinated with the third dose in Brescia in one month

Twenty thousand vaccinated with the third dose in Brescia in one month
Twenty thousand vaccinated with the third dose in Brescia in one month

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An average of six hundred third doses per day, including additional administrations and recalls, the one registered since 20 September in the Bresciano area. In just over a month 20,494 vaccines were injected into particularly fragile people (immunocompromessi and transplanted) and ad over 80.

Almost three quarters of the way was covered, before opening the recall route for the anti Covid-19 vaccine also to over 60. In the meantime, reservations for healthcare personnel of all ages have been open since the beginning of the week.

For many of them, many months have passed since the second dose of the primary vaccination cycle, considering that the campaign had started in January, after the “extraordinary” day of December 27th. No obligation for health professionals.

Please note that while full vaccination is mandatory for doctors, nurses and health professionals in general, the third booster dose is not mandatory for them either. The vaccination campaign for the third dose – 28 days after the second for transplant recipients or immunosuppressed, six months for all others – began in a very delicate phase of the pandemic. The eyes are focused on the incidence in our country but also on what is happening in the rest of the world, between realities in which the virus has heavily raised its head and others in which the number of vaccinated people it is still too small to shelter them and all of us.

“There is a small turnaround in the incidence, but we are always below 50 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants – the comment of the Director General of Prevention of the Ministry of Health, Gianni Rezza -. The transmission index Rt also grows slightly but remains below the epidemic threshold, which tells us that the incidence is not expected to increase in the next period. Things are going well in the departments, we are far below the critical thresholds ». Rezza adds: «The attention must be paid to the duration of the vaccine, it seems to be very good with regard to the prevention of the disease, from 6 to 8 months, while it decreases slightly over time due to the infection given the presence of the Delta variant. More emphasis needs to be given to completion of the vaccination campaign, even for the third dose. The trend is favorable at the moment. The vaccination campaign worked together with the containment measures ».

Regarding the third dose to the rest of the population, after the frail, the elderly and health personnel: «We do not yet know how soon we will have to revaccinate younger people, the data are accumulating and there is no definitive evidence. Furthermore, the young people have been vaccinated more recently. There will be time to decide, given that the booster can be done from the six months of the second administration».

The pandemic also intervened on the Prime Minister Mario Draghi, on the sidelines of the Council of the European Union: «In Italy the infections are greater than those of a few days ago, but it is necessary to understand if it is the higher number of tampons or something else. We have vaccinated more than other European countries and have maintained cautions that have been abolished in England. I want to thank the citizens because they got vaccinated with a sense of responsibility ».

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