US GP, FP3: Perez ahead of Sainz, times canceled for Hamilton and Verstappen

Third and final free practice session of the US GP which saw Sergio Perez excel in front of Sainz and Verstappen, in difficulty Leclerc.

Max and Lewis, times canceled

It was a session in which many preferred to take to the track late, and perhaps this has to do with the need to safeguard the mileage of the components. Little by little, however, everyone began to refine the set-up (widespread oversteer on the track, with immediate adjustments by the teams), also because the Austin track turned out to be slightly more slippery than yesterday. Under these conditions, the best performance of Sergio Perez in 1’34 “701, but completely theoretical: both at Verstappen and Hamilton the time of the last run was canceled due to excess of track limits, with Max a bit faster (1’34 “383 against 1’34” 458) with respect to Lewis. So the Dutchman finished 3rd and the English only 6th, and the Mexican remained in first position in front of an excellent Carlos Sainz, 2nd at 104 thousandths from Red Bull number 11. Well Norris, 4th at 0 ‘”245 and ahead of Bottas (+0″ 288), then Hamilton, Ricciardo, Gasly, Leclerc and Ocon.

Mercedes didn’t look so good trim level, with Hamilton who, before the last attempt at qualifying simulation, wanted to test the soft rubber used with a full load of fuel, complaining of poor grip at the rear, a sign of how the degradation in Austin is not trivial.

It should be noted that in addition to Vettel and Russell, also Alonso has been added to the list of riders who will start from the bottom: on the Spanish A521 a new Pu has been assembled as a whole in each component, a choice that will cost Alpine the first penalty of the year in this sense.

Two-faced Ferrari

Ferrari took to the track in FP3 by mounting the advanced version of the hybrid to both drivers (mounted for the first time in Leclerc in Russia and in Sainz in Turkey). Between the two it was Sainz who felt much more comfortable with the SF21, trimming over 8 tenths a Leclerc and bringing home very interesting times, especially in the qualifying simulation. The Monegasque complained of a certain oversteer, he returned to the pits to intervene on the set-up but once back on track he had the same problems, and it was not a great sign for him. Charles finished 9th with a delay of 987 thousandths and not at all happy with the car.



FP3 Perez ahead Sainz times canceled Hamilton Verstappen

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