Iran, former general of the Pasdaran slapped during the inauguration ceremony as governor – The video

A slap in the face during the inauguration ceremony. Former Pasdaran general Abedin Khorram, newly appointed governor of the province of East Azerbaijan in northwestern Iran, was shot in the face by a person while on stage. The incident took place in the presence of the public who arrived for the ceremony and of the Interior Minister of Tehran, Ahmad Vahidi. The video was released by the state agency Irna and went viral on social media. In the images we see the attacker – about whom, for now, we only know that he is an employee of a Pasdaran unit – calmly head towards the new governor and then hit him. The two are then separated from some present and the attacker is removed from security. The local prosecutor has opened an investigation, but the motive for the gesture has not yet been clarified. According to some sources cited by theIrna, at the origin there could be “personal reasons”.

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Iran general Pasdaran slapped inauguration ceremony governor video

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