“I have Covid, luckily I only have a mild cold because I got the vaccine” – Corriere.it

“I have Covid, luckily I only have a mild cold because I got the vaccine” – Corriere.it
“I have Covid, luckily I only have a mild cold because I got the vaccine” – Corriere.it

The actress and presenter, 46, announces on Instagram that she has caught the virus, but that she is fine. In a few hours, thousands of likes and many comments

A selfie in bed with an expression of disappointment, but not of pain. With this picture posted on Instagram Martina Colombari, 46, announces to friends and fans that she got infected, of having caught Covid despite the vaccination. “Darnit…. this Covid is just str …! Got it! (made a buffer before going to a set) – he writes in the caption of the image -. Fortunately, only a mild cold and loss of smell. If I hadn’t had the vaccine it would have been much worse ». The image, posted on the afternoon of October 23, immediately collected many likes (over 24 thousand) and thousands of messages, including those who wish her a speedy recovery – such as Filippa Lagerback and Caterina Balivo who write her “Forza” – and those from no vax positions comment on the fact that she became infected despite being immunized. Experts have never said that the vaccine protects 100% from infection. Translated: there are those who, thanks to the vaccine, will never catch the virus (the effectiveness is around 95%), those who will take it asymptomatic and those who will take it in a mild form. We are not all the same. The vaccine protects 100% only with regard to hospitalizations, virologists have been repeating for some time, and the possibility of taking it in severe form. In fact, thanks to the vaccine, despite the coronavirus now circulating in our country, health facilities are almost empty, as Matteo Bassetti, director of the Infectious Diseases Clinic of the San Martino Polyclinic in Genoa, reiterated yesterday.

Meals on the tray

Colombari herself is keen to emphasize that if she hadn’t had the vaccine “it would have been much worse”. And to better clarify his state of health, in addition to the post he also published a series of stories on Instagram in which he appears on video. In the social stories he says he is “fine” – and you can see it from his face that does not look like a sick person at all – and he apologizes for not being able to participate in the various commitments of the next few days. Furthermore, she explains that her husband, Billy Costacurta, is taking care of her, who prepares her meals and brings them to her on a tray, while she is in solitary confinement in a room, away from the rest of the family.

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